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Cultural Capital: Main Topics of Conflict

Capital - 'accumulated labour' Economic Capital - easily translated to money Social Capital - made up of social connections that can be transformed into economic capital Cultural Capital – in the form of books or writings, can be institutionalised through the education system The ability...

Reasons Why the Less Educated People Are Opposed to Trade Openness

Introduction Part A As a first years MISOC-student I experienced an interesting construction of what other students may know as ‘working groups’. Contrary to most universities, Erasmus University of Social Sciences and Behavior makes use of so called ‘Problem Based Learning’-sessions (PBL). As I previously...

Critical Analysis of the Articles: Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work by Jean Anyon and The Forms of Capital by Pierre Bourdieu

In today’s society social capital is integrated throughout family’s cultural traditions, social networks and educational policy. In the article, “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” by Jean Anyon, she argues the education system in America today reinforces the social inequalities we currently face...

Usage Of Cultural Capital To Link Socioeconomic Position And Food

Literature Review: Cause Related Marketing In the post-modern era, where the consumers have so many options to choose from, it has become very problematic for organizations to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Thus, to separate itself from this clutter, companies have now started going in...

Analysis of the Sociological Concepts of Pierre Bourdieu and Their Relevance Today

Pierre Bourdieu was a French sociologist, anthropologist, and philosopher born in 1930, whose scholarly works were mainly concerned with power dynamics and the ways in which power is enforced and managed across legacies: stressing the corporeal nature of social life and the role of practice...

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