Critical Analysis of Annotated Bibliography on Gentrification

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Alters, Sandra M., et al. ‘The Law, the Courts, and the Homeless.’ Homeless in America: How Could It Happen Here?, Detroit, Gale, 2006, pp. 63-71.

This source talks about how gentrification forces out low-income families and changes ‘skid rows’ or single-room occupancy hotels to make them more modern to appeal to the middle and upper-class people which forces out lower class people into homelessness. It also discusses the harsh living conditions of the homeless and the laws that the government has passed to control homelessness.

This information comes from Gale Ebooks, it is a reference source, the majority of the information was from the topic overview in chapter 6: The Law, The Courts, and The Homeless. Gale is a very reputable source and this information was published in 2006. Although this source is not current it provides background information to the what is happening currently in the U.S.I will use this source to talk about homelessness and make connections between gentrification and homelessness to prove that gentrification is the cause of homelessness in many low-income communities in the U.S.

Camp, Jordan T. ‘Blues Geographies and the Security Turn: Interpreting the Housing Crisis in Los Angeles.’ American Quarterly, vol. 64, no. 3, 2012, pp. 653-679.

This source talks about ‘trap economics’, and that gentrification works to trap African Americans and poor people through incarceration for misdemeanors, along with mass eviction of low-income people in ‘single-room occupancy hotels’ by arguing that gentrifiers are attempting to reclaim land for ‘high-end real estate development. This information is from an article called ‘Interpreting the Housing Crisis in Los Angeles’ from another credible source from American Quarterly one of the best resources in American Studies, in 2012.

The author of this source is a scholar from ULCA who has written other work published in the American Quarterly. I will use this source to provide evidence of how gentrifiers get rid of lower-class people. This source gives two examples, which are mass incarceration and eviction through raising the property value and the prices of housing. This source will be useful because it also shows the correlation between homelessness and gentrification and gives evidence as to how.

Zukin, Sharon. Gentrification. Edited by William A. Darity, Jr, Gale, 2008. Gale in Context: Environmental Studies

This source disproves the notion that gentrification is beneficial to poor communities, gentrification displaces low-income families. This argument also says that studies on gentrification fail to show the real numbers of low-income families forced out of their homes contributing to homelessness. It also talks about how gentrifiers and the media downplay displacement to attract more investors. This information is from Gale In Context, in 2008.

This source comes from a subject encyclopedia which is a high-quality academic source which is a great place to start research, this source sites another source written by an expert by the name of Sharon Zukin who has written many books. I will use this source to further prove the point that gentrification leads to homelessness in low-income communities and that the negative effects of gentrification outway the positives, while also arguing that gentrification has a direct positive effect on homelessness in the U.S.

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