Creating A Culture of Excellence Through Research

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Oftentimes, research is coined as a difficult subject by most of us due to overwhelming paper works and extensive readings that needs to be done. It is a time-consuming activity and is tantamount to engulf a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources. But is this the way we should look at it?

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Research have had humungous contribution in making our lives comfortable in ways people a long time ago never imagined. It contributes towards the advancement of human knowledge by adding something new to an already existing body of knowledge. It can also be viewed as a strategy to further enhance the critical-thinking, resourcefulness, and innovative-thinking of students. It advocates to train the learners to become globally competitive, innovative, adaptive, nationalistic, technologically skilled, and socially responsible.

Contrary to the belief that research is expensive, it can also bring forth abundance if it succeeded. For example, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), after a sizzling conversation with the irked Senator Cynthia Villar towards her concern about the farmers on “research”, have reiterated to the public the importance of it by posting a video of Dr. Ricardo M. Lantican, who was hailed by the department for his immeasurable scientific contribution for saving the whole world from an anticipated massive corn crisis and eventually from billions of dollars-worth of losses. Lantican co-authored a study that beheld into how the southern corn fungal disease affected crops in the cornfield.

In conjunction to this, the Department of Education (DepEd) have incorporated research subjects such as Practical Research 1 and 2 and Inquiries and Investigation among others in the curriculum of the senior high school. It is one of the most “feared” subjects. But not in the case of The Nazarene Catholic School. Students, and now, even the teachers are gearing towards a more holistic and scientific approach in providing solutions to arising problems through research. It is an enduring approach to stage the value of perseverance, integrity, objectivity, and honesty in embracing the culture of excellence and responsiveness to the needs of others. The teachers are now conducting action researches in their own field of expertise since last year to identify problems and difficulties to further elevate the capacity of the teachers to minimize contact losses and maximize the quality of teaching and learning at its most effective way. In this way, teachers can now spell out the causes of academic and behavior-related problems of the learners.

As our future-holder, we look forward to wanting our students to be giants in their own field. Teachers must also be aware of the significant contribution of research especially in education where the trends are way too fast to change. It is therefore pivotal that we embrace creating new knowledge because if we did not, then we’ll be left behind.

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