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The Use of Piracy Websites and Illegal Media Use

Copyright is an important legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution; this applies both physically and digitally. This essay will argue how effective Copyright Law has been, therefore leading...

The Issue of Copyright and the Fair Use Rights

It is believed by many that copyright laws are counterproductive and it can hinder the creativity. However, I personally disagree with the idea and believe that the protection as intellectual property is significant to a well-functioning society as it inspires and encourages the production of...

Interconnection of Copyright, Law and True Art

My question, “Should teachers, artists/musicians, and digital creators be allowed to breach copyright law to utilize valuable information?” will mainly focus on the Justice vs. Mercy dilemma structure. In this case, I will be focusing on three several perspectives, (teachers, artists/musicians, and digital creators) in...

The Reasons Of People Using Plagiarism

Plagiarism is something that happens every day and it can be from the smallest thing like taking a few words from a small article or from bigger things like copying and pasting a paragraph that was found online and using it on your own, it...

Integrated Tool Development For Text And Code Plagiarism

Today Plagiarism is most common approach taken to complete research, completing college assignments and proving innovation. Sometimes we copy others work as our innovation, for that we copy contents of their work. Real researchers and fake researchers are not identified. This problem occurs in both...

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