Child Abuse In Parenting: The Morality Behind Children Being Spanked

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Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse. Could you imagine that at least 5 children could die every day because there was nothing said about how they were abused at home. We think that everyone is okay but in reality they aren’t and it sucks because these children go though it everyday and the ones that get through it all are the lucky ones in these situations. They can go through physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in their homes.

Children that go through sexual abuse about 90% know who their abuser is personally. About 65% of those children are related to their perpetrators, most of those children end up resulting to drugs and alcohol in order to trying to forget that pain or forget what happened to them at such a young age. These kids that are sexually abused and they keep it a secret or when they do tell someone and the person doesn’t believe it, they’re more likely to psychological, emotional, social, or physical problems that last into adulthood.

Physical abuse is a whole other story these kids can go from getting beat immensely to passing away in a matter of seconds. To these kids i can somewhat relate but not as much, my dad used to drink every weekend from the beginning of the weekend to the end. It got to the point of him resulting to hitting my mom, punching to wall, or even throwing something towards the wall, i was afraid. Now even though my dad never really was physically abusive towards me when he was drunk there was times where i would do something wrong being a small child i would get spanked and pushed onto the floor getting yelled at for doing what i did. It was scary i’ll be honest but maybe going to a family psychologist worked. For some kids it doesn’t or they aren’t fortunate enough to get to go get help for what they’re going through. In the end children could go through this everyday and we wouldn’t know.

Emotional abuse is something that can be quite touchy. Sometimes it can be verbal or by actions done by people, but the fact that parents or family members are capable of doing this to their own blood is just something I couldn’t imagine. These children go through being called fat all the way to getting called a “slut”. Maybe even racial slurs are used with these situations where the child is adopted or fostered in a home. There’s many other things children can get emotionally abused like rejection, isolation, verbal assault, etc. all of these ways can affect the child in the way that they see themselves. Being able to overcome these things would be pretty hard but for those that got through it and can still see the good in this world despite their own family turning their backs on them. Now imagine if all of these children that die could survive all of the abuse, if these kids can get through it then everyone can get through any inconvenience that comes over them

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