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Comparing Roles Of King Charles I And Abraham Lincoln In Civil Wars.

Charles Ⅰ and Abraham Lincoln are two major figures in the English and American civil wars respectively. It is long argued about the roles they played in the wars. Despite the fact that both of them have taken the nation to a new history era...

Inside and Outside the Court of the Trial of King Charles I

In studying the the hasty trial of King Charles I, students may find themselves either supporting the actions and authority of the High Court of Justice while others seek to defend the lawful monarch. There have been many arguments made for King Charles I. While...

The Depiction of Charles I and His Leadership in the Movie Cromwell

King Charles I, the monarch over England, Scotland and Ireland, was once a deceitful enemy. He had a propensity for making bad decisions and was considered manipulative, devious and immoral. Charles' difficulties revolved around religion and the lack of money. Charles believed in the divine...

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