Cerebral Palsy Is A Damage To The Brain

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Some people said that a cerebral palsy is considered a curse. So, whatever it is. In fact, over 17 million people in worldwide included Australia and US are challenged by this disease or reported prevalence estimates CP form 1.5 to more than 4 per 1000 berth of children!


CP can be defined as a damage to the brain that is affecting children’s motor development. It is the most common motor disability in childhood, a complex group of disorder which is impacting one’s ability to move, maintaining their balance and posture control. It is the abnormal development of a brain, or damage in the development that alters person’s capacity to control the affected mascles. CP is considered neurological disorder happened by a non-progressive brain shock or a malformation during the child’s brain development.

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Affectation is primarily on movement and muscle coordination. It was ones considered as a birthing process as the factor of CP. While this still holds true, but only for a small percentage of CP cases. New cases theorized result from abnormal development or a brain trauma prior to or upon giving birth such as accidents, abuse, medical malpractice, negligence, infections and injury are some of the known factors in the development of CP. Signs of this disease are of physical impairment but affectations of such disability may vary form individual. The location and extent of the impairment may vary from one another either, impaired arm, legs, and even face or all may be present in a child with CP. It is non-life threatening except children born the sever case. But most have a good prognosis and is expected to reach adulthood.

Although CP patients vary in the degree of affectations, signs and symptoms may be seen. A child has slow in his/ her developmental progress like learning to roll over, sit up, crawl, smile and/ or walk, impaired in one (hemiplegia) or more limbs, standing and walking on tiptoe, laborious on fine motor skills like writing, difficulty in maintaining balance, abnormal gait with one foot, involuntary movements, and/ or excessive drooling. Identified impairment like epilepsy, intellectual, visual or auditory impairment may also be observed with CP paitients.

Prevalence and Incidents

Australia: Of every 1000 live births in Victoria, Australia, at least 2 children are recognized with CP before reaching the age of 5. CP is the most common form of childhood physical disability, affecting about 34,000 Australians, that is 600-700 infants born with CP per year or that’s 1 born with CP every 18 hours (1:400 ratio for Australians). CP in across Australia had reduced from 1 in 500 children to 1 in 700. Severity has become milder and 2 out of 3 children with CP could walk without assistive devices and more than half of them did not have intellectual disability. As professor Nadia Badawi, Macquarie Foundation Chair of Cerebral Palsy said “This report highlights the important of remaining vigilant in ensuring the best possible care for our pregnant women and babies, particularly those with high risk pregnancies. United States: Boys outstripped girls suffering from CP and more common among black. Most of these identified with CP has spasticity as complication. Over half (58.2%) can walk independently. “Each individual with CP is affecting differently”. As stated by Doctor Darcy Fehling, a Developmental Politician of the University of Toronto.

Prevention/ Management/ Treatment Methods for the Condition

  1. Provide better management of risky pregnancies, improve intensive care of newborns and the implementation of public health initiatives to prevent accident
  2. Physical and occupational therapy, physiotherapist, behavioural and speech therapy.
  3. Medicines to combat pain, seizures and muscle spasm.


Cerebral Palsy is a childhood’s condition but prognosis for these patients is good when given a good quality of living, good nutrition, proper support, and medication, if there is one. CP patients do not have to live in hiding nor something to be ashamed of. Physical and Occupational Therapy is in place to assist patients. With the advancement in medical therapy allows patients with CP live a near normal life and finally emotional and physical counselling are available for them. CP patients can now integrate themselves with the society with greater opportunity of employment and equality. A child needs not suffer more while battling CP with the help of the family, community and the experts in the field of pediatrics. Though incurable since it is a brain injury with no expectations of further progress of the impairment but it does not mean CP is a curse! It is a blessing!

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