Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned In Schools

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With the more advanced development in technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our life. The increasing number of students, using phones in schools, has become a concern issue. It is said that students sneak around on their cell phones during school hours and disrupt everyone. In fact, smart phones should not be banned at schools, for there are three reasons why they are beneficial for students.

Firstly, phones are good for academic purposes. Having their smart devices with them, the students can conduct a research on the internet which can help them to understand clearer and gain more knowledge. For example, while studying, the tasks that were given are too difficult to solve; thus, they can check the internet to help them. Moreover, the medical students in Canada and in the United Kingdom also said that the usage of smartphones has helped them to increase in medical education and practices relating to their field (Eysenbach, 2014).

Secondly, we can use them for emergency purposes. If a student falls ill or is in danger, it is beneficial to be carrying a cell phone so he or she can contact to someone immediately. For instance, if a student is badly injured at school, he or she can use their devices to contact to someone to pick them up on time. Furthermore, phones play an important role that are used for communicating. They provide a convenient and direct way for parents to contact their children when they are at school and vice versa like the Chardon High School shooting in 2012, it was reported that students used their phones to call 911 to let their parents know they were safe (MEREDITH,2012).

Thirdly, it is about memory aid. Cell phones can be very helpful for the students when they review or study for the exams. Most of the phones have cameras; hence, it is convenient for the undergraduates to take pictures in the class without wasting a lot of time on copying everything. What is more, phones can be functioned as a recorder. Students can record the lectures and listen later on. This is also another technique to improve their studies. Mobile phones also function as calendars. People who have a hard time remembering test dates, assignment due dates and other such details. By organizing and assigning an alarm, they’ll never forget again.

The opponent of using phones in classroom might say that students will use their phones to cheat. This point has some merit on the surface. On the other hand, without or with phones, students can still find other forms to cheat. They could use a small piece of paper or any other means that are possible for them to use. Therefore, it does not mean that we that we should ban smart phones in the classroom.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to allow students to have cell phones in the class, including academic purposes, emergency purposes, and memory aid. Even though using phones ought to be against the rule of every school, the knowledge of the students would be able to expend effectively with those technologies. Besides, this is a modern world, we cannot deny technology. If we can use it wisely, there would be a lot to take from it.

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