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Impact Of The Westward Expansion

Migration has been a highly significant force in the development of America, without migration America wouldn’t be what it is today. The westward expansion helped stimulate the American economy in an abundant amount of ways. One of the main reasons people migrated west was because of...

Mass Craze During the California Gold Rush

California's finding of gold in 1848 greatly increased improvements that had taken place since 1769. The gold rush, which was already a gathering location for Mexicans, Russians, Americans, Europeans, and Americans, transformed California into a truly worldwide frontier where immigrants from every continent on land...

Ronald Genini'S Retelling Of Californian History

The story of California crafted by Ronald Genini in California: On the Edge of American History is one of land and people; mountains and Indians; past and present. It starts with a fascinating description of California Indian tribes. The Indian heritage is celebrated! Encyclopedic in...

The History of Thirteen Colonies Foundation

While the U.S was trying fight to Great Britain and be their own country, they had many wars to fight and obstacles to overcome. There were many events that led the thirteen colonies from a newly independent country to a transcontinental nation. There was also...

Changes in Californian Society after Becoming the Member of the Union

According to Isenberg’s collection of primary sources from the gold rush era (The California Gold Rush 2018), the imposition of US power and culture on a newly conquered territory in California partially influenced Californian society, prominently shown through Californians’ efforts to prohibit slaves. However, Californian...

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