Better Lives with Affordable College Tuition

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I’m writing you to inform you about how the cost of college tuition is nationally enabling the people from succeeding in life, and to propose some ideas about how to make this possible. I personally am contacting you specifically due to your influential caucus in the U.S. Congress. Moreover, out of any other representative I believe you know the true meaning of hard work and dedication to reach your goals by the way you grew up in the agricultural community, and having to pay your own way through college. Because of this, I believe you’re the perfect congressman to address this issue to. Now, this setback of college tuition is affecting people every-day. Due to the expenses, it’s drowning people into debt causing even higher tuition affecting our world’s economy everywhere with all these colleges. Thus being the executive branch’s duty of making it reachable, the more money the federal government invests into financial aid, the more money the colleges will charge for tuition, because they know well they will get paid no matter what already causing inflation. Also being the legislative’s responsibility due to it’s job of controlling taxes and spending policies it’s a never-ending quandary unless we try to fix it. Tuition has been rising year after year, enabling the mid and lower-class people from building a better future for themselves. Other than being unaffordable, the amount of money spent is also discouraging. Moreover, making many settle for a unchallenging major to complete. Instead, it should be encouraging a clear and ensuring path to the middle class, opening the doors of higher education to more people. Until we make college available for every student, we are continuing the rushing effect of student tuition, and preventing more students to go to college. Also, let’s not forget those who get stuck with paying for their debt already starting them of on a bad note. If there were to reduce the amount of money through a combination of educational offerings, a liable course of action and increasing early college high school programs this can be a solution to this issue. Maybe you’re not so convinced yet, well let me expand on why this problem should be fixed and offer potential solutions.

College used to be out of reach for anyone other than the elites in this world causing the same people to remain wealthy and the same poor. It’s not fair for the people who were born into a family that wasn’t blessed with much. Who or what was to blame? At times, the amount of tuition fees can lead these lower income families to feel discouraged about college making it feel impossible for them to even take that first step into trying to build themselves and their family name due to the amount of money that feels unreachable. Students who are constantly juggling work and family responsibilities recognize that a college education is their shining light to better opportunities. Our higher education system isn't providing what they need, or deserve when they’re breaking their backs for this already causing a barrier. “Due to the rising costs of college, too many students are unable to enroll or complete high-quality degrees.”(College Affordability and Completion: Ensuring a Pathway to Opportunity)

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Most graduating high school students today would normally take out student loans to pay for tuition causing them to go into dept before they can even start their career. They tend to feel the weight of their student loans setting them back from reaching their goals and it’s full potential. There is a opportunity gap between classes, moreover high-income families hold a bachelor's degree at a young age compared to a lower class families, just 2 in 20 people from low-income families attain that level of education. With that being said, a lot of other students fail to complete their education. College is the biggest driver of socioeconomic mobility in America, however if this high tuition continues on it’ll serve as a barrier instead. “I believe every hard-working student deserves a opportunity to earn an affordable, high-quality degree that offers a clear path to economic and success.” College Affordability and Completion: Ensuring a Pathway to Opportunity) Payed student tuition can also contribute more to our economy. Moreover, with money not being spent on these fees, then they will not only be able to benefit and enjoy themselves by buying houses, cars, eating healthier, taking trips and helping provide for their families’ needs. All this money would end up going right back to the economy causing no harm which would cancel out the worry of damaging our economy.

Many people decide not to go through with their goals by going through a course that’s not wanted just because it costs less, causing less harm to their bank accounts. Students who experienced this admit that they don’t feel fulfilled with what they’re doing and say they aren’t getting paid as much as they would if they decided to study what they actually wanted to. It can feel this way when doing something you might not have the passion for, students are putting their dreams aside, limiting themselves of the options for better opportunities.

High schools are now allowing their students to take college courses as they go through high school. We should inform more students, parents and school districts to enforce taking college courses, they are now able to graduate with an associate's degree. We have to ensure that schools aren’t using federal money for advertising and requiring schools with large endowments to guarantee debt-free college. Tax payer’s money is being misused, it should be used in the form of assistance instead. Making financial assistance easier to qualify for, raising caps for family earnings, just because a family makes a certain amount a year doesn’t mean they can afford college for their children. Lowering extra-curricular activities’ expenses and beautification of schools would also help provide more money for students and it be used for a greater purpose. Relating this to academic freedom, there should be no unreasonable interference or restriction from laws and more, furthermore money being the barrier is definitely restricting us from a better education

With that being said, College tuition can better many lives and will not only benefit us but the economy too. I feel obligated to address this issue to you because I know your background, I know you’ve dealt with these issues just like us and I have seen how dedicated you are to your job. I believe you would bring this idea to life if you considered. I fully believe that this can help your votes increase in the next election due to the benefits and demand. Those being, following a pathway that would help to better enjoy making more money off of, limit student loan debt, give everyone a chance to build themselves up, and increase the rate of students attending college. Please consider making college tuition affordable. Thank you for your time.

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