Benefits Of New Balance Running Shoes For Athletes

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Have you ever wondered how you can ever be able to run faster than a lightning bolt? Well, I heard the new 2019 New Balance 1400v6 running shoes will make you faster than ever. I always wondered how I can be lighter on my feet and faster at the same time and with these shoes on, you’ll have the mentality like Usain Bolt, “No matter how far you get ahead of me, I’m going to catch you. That’s my mentality that I go to race with,” said the fastest man in the whole world. Everybody has to have at least one pair of running shoes but the New Balance 1400v6 running shoes are considered to be the most impressive racing sneakers in the world.

Ever since I was little, I played many sports. I started playing baseball with all the boys at the age of 4, then I finally transitioned into playing softball at the age of 13 and have played ever since. I also started playing basketball at the age of 10 and have been playing ever since then. I also ran track and played volleyball for only 2 years. So, throughout my whole life, playing sports has had a huge impact on my life and the all these sports require a lot of running. Finding the right running shoes is very difficult because they need to feel right, fit right, and make you able to run the fastest you possibly can.

While I ran track, I was the only female runner so I was really competitive, always trying to beat the boys and just get as fast as them. There was this one boy named Kenan was he was the fastest out of everyone. I went to high school with Kenan all 4 years and his senior year, he won state in track and field and was named as the fastest kid in California. He told me that the key in running fast is having the perfect running shoe that lets you strive to your fastest ability. Although, I personally have never found the perfect running shoe in all my 18 years of existence, until now. The New Balance 1400v6 changed the running shoe game.

New Balance is an American Corporation that is based worldwide. The New Balance corporation is based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded by Williams J Riley in 1906 as the “New Balance Arch Support Company.” As big as the New Balance corporation is, you would’ve never thought that the company didn’t start selling shoes until about 50 years later. The founder, Riley, first started selling arch supports to improve shoe comfort and fit; which is still their mission to this day. The business was then sold to Eleanor and Paul Kidd in 1956 and that’s when the company started shifting their focus on selling athletic sneakers, 50 years after being founded! The first shoe released was called the “Trackster Shoe,” which quickly became popular among track and field stars. Today, New Balance has made its name as one of the major sports footwear manufacturers. It is a nationwide brand for athletes all over the world.

The New Balance 1400v6 shoe has a lot of pros to discuss whereas, not so many cons to talk about. This shoe is very light weight, breathable, has great traction, it’s really comfortable, its flexible, it has a durable rubber outsole, the midsole is foam so it makes it a smooth run, it’s a perfect fit and it’s a good price! The price of these shoes is about $100 which is a pretty good price for such an amazing shoe. All of these pro factors are a key essential in a perfect running shoe that will have you running at your best potential. Having a lightweight, breathable, good traction and a comfortable shoe is the most important factors in a shoe because it’ll have you quick on your feet since the shoe is so light and your shoe will stick to the ground which will make it easier to take each step. I don’t see any other shoe with this many pro factors. The one con I noticed was that the she isn’t available in any wider widths. If your foot is typically wider than normal, then this isn’t your type of shoe. Other than that fact, the shoe is overall amazing.

The New Balance 1400v6 outsole is made out of rubber, which makes the material of the shoe really soft, light, sturdy and long-lasting. The outsole has amazing cushioning, so your foot won’t hurt after running on it for a while. There are things called rubber lug soles that are all over the outsole that gives the shoe great traction for any kind of weather conditions. The midsole is made out of RevLite EVA foam which makes the shoe feel really comfortable, heavy-duty, and soft. The weight of a pair of men size 9 shoe is 7.2 oz which considers it really light weight compared to a pair of NIKE men size 9 shoe that weighs 8oz.

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This shoe has a no-sew mesh upper, which makes the shoe very breathable with good air flow. Breathability is important because if the shoe isn’t breathable for your feet, then it’ll leave your feet sweaty and overheated. It is true to size so it’ll be quick to pick out the correct size shoe that fits you perfectly. The designers of this shoe really updated the style to the new style these days because they come in eleven different color combinations, from black and white to bright colors that won’t go unnoticed.

This shoe is really heavy duty and can even last for up to 300-400 miles, if taken good care of. It is a really solid and strong shoe so it won’t wear out quickly, it should last you a very long time. The solid support cage will stop your foot from slipping and from twisting which will defeat the chance of spraining your ankle. In terms of having an amazing and solid grip, this shoe is as good as any other amazing running shoe. The amount of quickness the shoe has to offer is the perfect amount, it will give you a bouncy ride that will pop your toes off the ground. This amount of spring is best for fast pace running and speed, rather than taking a stroll or just walking. The traction on the shoe is best made for running the track, running on pavement, running on the sand, and even running on the treadmill.

New Balance recently started sponsoring athletes and professional teams about 6 years ago in 2013. They have sponsored athletes in many different professional sports like basketball, tennis, football, soccer and especially track and field. New Balance sponsors teams from all over the world and their sponsored athletes even range from being a well-known celebrity to a under the radar athlete. Just last year in 2018, New Balance signed NBA star Kawhi Leonard, who won the championship last season for the Toronto Raptors. They’ve also signed NBA stars like James Worthy, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and Matt Bonner, who played for the San Antonio Spurs. New Balance has signed many track and field stars like Trayvon Bromell, who holds the indoor 60 m record for the fastest run, and competed for the United States at the summer Olympics in 2016. They’ve also signed Track and Field star, Sydney McLaughlin, who is a professional hurdler and sprinter for team USA. The New Balance Corporation is also nationwide and sponsors many international sports teams as well. They sponsor National football teams like Costa Rica, Panama, and even Ireland. New Balance is a very popular corporation that competes as one of the best.

A website called Gear Control put different brands and different styles of running shoes to the test, to see which shoes are the best. They first started with a list of well over 50 pairs of shoes and throughout the year, their fitness team was testing and reviewing the most talked about running shoes. They were able to narrow down their list to 25 pairs of shoes. They reviewed shoes from 13 different brands to see which brand and shoe is the overall best. They had a total of eight testers who had cross country and track backgrounds, as well as marathon runners. They distributed the 25 running shoes amongst themselves and began testing each one. Once everyone had their shoes, they took on roads in 50-degree weather as well as roads in 0-degree weather, trying to determine how the temperature affected each shoes foam and gel.

They wore the shoes all day long, everywhere they went so they know what each shoe is capable of and what its limitations are. They evaluated the shoes for durability, comfort, and the reliability. Once all the testing was finally over, they put all their results together and determined the best shoes in order. After all the long days of this project were over, they believed that the New Balance 1400v6 was the best running shoe for speed.

The New Balance 1400v6 doesn’t come with many flaws, it’s a breathable, durable, comfortable, high quality, reasonably priced racing shoe that is considered to be one of the most impressive running shoes. These shoes are specifically meant for running but they can be used for anything. You can run a mile in them, work out in them, walk in them; no matter what, you’ll perform at your best potential with them on. With these light weight shoes, you’ll be lighter on your feet and quicker at the same time. If you’re looking for a new running shoe, I highly advise you to purchase the New Balance 1400v6 because they’re the most impressive running shoe there is.

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