Essay Samples on Being a Writer

African Women Writers

To understand the sociology of a culture and where its women stand within it, one may turn to its literature for it acts as a reflection of the structure, development, and functioning of society. Originally, when it comes to African literature, it has been passed...

Shobhaa De – The Prolific Indian Writer

Rajadhyaksha, known as Shobhaa Dé, was born on 7 January 1948. She is known as an Indian columnist and novelist. She was born at Mumbai in a typical Maharashtrian Saraswati Brahmin family started her career as writer in 1988. Shobha graduated from St. Xavier’s College,...

A Critique Of Flannery O’Connor

Despite dying at such an early age, Flannery O’Connor was able to write several extremely compelling stories that spoke to the reader up front while at the same time weaving her own viewpoints inside the “Southern Gothic (Collegatariat)” settings she created. Whether following a family...

The Art Of Academic Writing

Introduction Writing academic papers might be a hard task to do when the vocabulary one possesses is considered to be not enough. Academic papers usually require a high level of the language command and are checked with scrutiny and carefulness by supervisors. It also applies...

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