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Working on the Set Goal to Become a Good Person

Being a good leader and role model is very important to me and I am very motivated to gain any skills that will assist in achieving those qualities. I want to develop the self confidence, vision, wisdom, motivational impact and delivery skills that most effective...

The Struggle of Being a Good Person and Leader at the Same Time

I worked for Infosys Ltd, one amongst the top Software giants in India, for 4.6 years. I joined as a Trainee and was a Technology analyst by the time I quit Infosys. I have had the opportunity to work with 5 to 6 leaders in...

Letting Go of Being a 'Good' Person and Becoming a Better Person

Each individual defines being a good person differently by perspective. The definition of a good person is narrow due to the human brain relies on shortcuts to do a lot of its work. It was explained that that mental processes are taken place outside of...

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