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American Beauty movie Analysis: Trapped Inside The American Dream

‘American Beauty’ is a film that demonstrates the outcomes and consequences of those who try to attain the American dream. What one doesn’t expect is that as people try to achieve this dream, it is often that they get lost in life. The meaning of...

Losing One's Personal Integrity in American Beauty

Life consists of never ending choices, the choices individuals make have the ability to shape the person they are and have the potential to influence how others may perceive them. To the naked eye roses appear to be beautiful, yet are extremely susceptible to viruses...

Lester as a Role Model for People in American Beauty

People who have economic success on their side will partially always have a daily positive attitude, yet doesn’t mean they can not have circumstances where they fall hard and can’t find a way out to positivity again. We all have a mental breakdown that can...

American Beauty: A Struggle of Mixing Appereance with Reality

A surplus amount of people in the common everyday life usually are not content with what they have. Instead, they possess a drive that makes them desire what they cannot have, also known as envy. Moreover, our culture is consumed with the vacant promises of...

Analysis Of The Scene From American Beauty Film

American Beauty was directed by British director Sam Mendez in 1999. It Starred Kevin Spacey, and it was Sam Mendez’s Directorial debut as he only worked on successful theatre productions in England and America before the release of this film. American Beauty was a huge...

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