All the Information Needed to Know About Minecraft Servers

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Minecraft has become increasingly popular in the online gaming industry mainly due to the fact that each time you log in you’re going in for a new experience. Minecraft is an open-ended game that focuses on the skills of exploration and as the name suggests, crafting your own world. Here’s everything you need to know about the game and servers related to it.

What Are Minecraft Servers

Playing on Minecraft via online or with a Local Area Network (LAN) you get two options, you can either play on your own in a solo game or you can play with other gamers worldwide in the multiple game version. Further on, with the multiplayer option, you can either make your own game server or rent an already made server by someone else. Making your own server is a better option if you don’t want to invest too much money on renting another server. Each unique IP address brings a different gaming server for you to connect with and experience. Since each multiplayer server is hosted by a different player, they provide their own set of rules and regulations, customizations such as the map, inbuilt mini-games, various modes, etc.

Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server:

If you’re thinking of hosting a Minecraft server, there are certain requirements you have to uphold to ensure that the server runs smoothly without any complications. Minecraft servers are divided into different categories including:

  • Default Server: Minecraft’s default multiplayer server program is completely free without any additional charges. This server is available for setup on Mojang that works for Windows, Linux and macOS systems.
  • LAN Server: With a LAN server anyone in close proximity connected to the same network on which the server is built can connect to it. However, if you want to widen the player audience with a LAN server, the option of port forwarding your network router is also workable.
  • External Server: These include gaming servers such as Sponge, Spigot, etc. with the help of which gamers, usually those hosting a relatively larger server, can use to add extra plugins to the game.

Rentable Server: Rentable servers are those hosted by companies. You can join one by paying a monthly/yearly based fee to use the server.Dedicated Server: These are the type of servers dedicated to a single individual or organization for gaming purposes. These servers allow more flexibility and complete control over the game as the host.

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System Requirements for Setting Up Minecraft Server:

No gaming experience is complete without an accurately functioning system with all the requirements installed. The major requirements you need for any gaming, and especially Minecraft server are: Windows 10 installed on your server/desktop. At least 4 GB RAM space storage. A fast network connection preferably unlimited since Minecraft consumes around 0.1 GB per player each hour.

Hardware and Software Configuration:

To host a Minecraft server you need the proper hardware and software configurations to ensure maximum gaming experience. For this, it is preferable not to use the typical computer since with the storage space Minecraft takes your PC is bound to get slow in other functions and can disrupt your server. Hence, opt for one with enough power to host a server while performing other functions. Software configuration requires a high-speed internet connection due to the fact that you’ll have to keep uploading the server immediately. Secondly, a static IP address, one that is guarded against susceptible DDoS attacks, is required so that you can share it with your friends.

Benefits of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server:

Minecraft is all about enhancing your survival and crafting abilities for the gaming experience but also effective learning skills. The basic idea behind Minecraft is creating your own world using 3-Dimensional blocks and using your creativity to use in a game that changes the surroundings, therefore, giving the player a completely different experience each time they play it. On the other hand, hosting your own server gives you additional benefits that playing in someone else’s won’t.

Customize Your Own Game:

With hosting your own Minecraft server, you get complete authority over the server you build. This means that while other players do play in your server, you’re the one with the control. You can set the game according to your preferences and make your own set of rules, customize the map yourself, restrict any added activities you don’t want, assign roles to other players or control solely yourself, add additional features and much more.

Increasing Your Gaming Community:

Another advantage of hosting a Minecraft server is that you get to grow your gaming community. You can go with the option of keeping the server a small close group of gamers you can interact with. But if you’re someone who’d rather opt for a larger community and gaining new connections, you can build a larger server by sharing it on various online platforms as well as using the help of other gaming channels. This way you can interact with people all around the globe and form new connections.

Installing Mods According to Your Preference:

If you’re playing in another person/organization’s server you can’t test out making changes in the game and choosing the one that suits your preferability. However, with setting up your own server you get to be in control of the mods of the game. You can test out these mods with options of using ones that are already available in Minecraft or testing out others that can let you execute entirely new programming and add additional features that might not be originally available in the game. Consequently giving you a better gaming interaction with your own choices.

Learning Computer and Programming Skills:

We’ve already established the fact that Minecraft allows the gamer to put their skills to use creatively in the game. However, with hosting your own server another additional skill you’ll be learning and acting upon are computer and programming skills. Hosting a server requires basic information on how the server and the programming of it are going to work. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional at computing skills, hosting a Minecraft server is a means to learn and polish these skills when you have to make and manage your server. Minecraft is a game like no other where you’re not only passing your free time enjoying gaming but also learning with it alongside and developing various tactics and a more imaginative mind. Whether you’d prefer going for another person or company’s already built server or making your own, Minecraft is a game everyone should play at least once.

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