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Main Philosophical Themes Brought Up In Albert Camus’ The Myth Of Sisyphus

Philosophical views have become widely recognized as a handbook for mankind. Though some philosophical views may sound surreal and out of the world, most of them can be directly applied to life as well as the various happenings in life. The earliest known philosophers include...

Clash of Morals in The Plague by Albert Camus

“But what does it mean, the plague? It’s life, that’s all” (Camus 120). The Plague, by Albert Camus, is a chilling and vivid novel that follows a town as it falls under a plague, leaving only chaos and destruction within its path. The narrator and...

The Life and Legacy of Albert Camus, a 19th Century Philosophical Writer

The first written example of literature was in Ancient Mesopotamia. Around 3400 B.C., the Sumerian civilization brought to life a world of emotions, knowledge, an expansion of our mind, critical skills, history, new culture and several more aspects to our society today by developing a...

Personal Experience Parallels in Albert Camus’ The Plague

World War II has gone down in history as one of the deadliest, most brutal, and inhumane wars of all time. It even outshines it predecessor, which was thought to be the “war to end all wars”, yet not even twenty five years later, a...

Comprassion of Sartre's and Camus' Ideas of Existentialism

Existentialism is a way of thinking about finding oneself and the significance of life through choice, decision, and moral obligation. The belief is that individuals are looking to discover who and what they really are throughout their life as they settle on decisions depending on...

Albert Camus & His Life in Atomic and Post-Atomic Era

Introduction War has always been a constant in the development of history since ancient times. The first documented war in history was the Sumer War, which occurred in Mesopotamia some 4, 500 years ago and which pitted the cities of Lagash and Umma. From that...

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