Abuse of Women and Children Against United Nations Coalition

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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, under the leadership of President Arif Alvi, hereby fully commits itself to the discussion of measures to be taken against the extremist groups of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and the Taliban. Under their aims to establish a Sunni Caliphate by uniting all Muslim nations governed by a brutal interpretation of Sharia, these groups have committed several atrocities and persecuted ethnic minorities which they consider to be ‘inferior’. The advances made by ISIL against the Sinjar Yazidis during 2014 resulted in approximately 500,000 refugees and several thousands killed or kidnapped. The human rights in ISIL is thought to be one of the worst in modern history with captured women and girls as young as seven being sold into sex slavery and distributed amongst ISIL fighters. Many of those who escaped the regime reported daily rape and even being subjected to forced abortions [1]. ISIL is however not alone in its persecution of civilians. The extremist group, Taliban aside from using children as sex slaves also use young boys as suicide bombers after brainwashing them. Pakistan feels that these atrocities aside from violation of human rights can have a profound and severe effect on the victim’s psyche and mind as they are left with a scarring memory which will continue to torment them for life.

The United Nations has in the past, issued several resolutions to try and solve the growing threat which extremist organizations pose to international security and peace. The most notable of these resolutions being, Resolution 2368 (2017) accepted by the Council acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, Resolution 2199 (2015) and Resolution 2253 (2015) [2]. However, Pakistan believes that the inadequate implementation of these policies by member nations is the reason why such groups are still at large, hence we would like to encourage other nations into further enforcing these resolutions in hope that doing so will enable the problems to be dealt with sooner and much more effectively. Pakistan itself has adopted several measures to drastically reduce the probability of any extremist threat from coming to power in Pakistan. Mainly under the Karachi Operation, police along with the support of the army have conducted raids and patrols to reduce the prominence of local gangs which prevail in these regions, under Operation Lyari. Doing so not only helped to reduce crime rates but also helped to prevent the gangs from affiliating with the Tehrik-i-Taliban members who began migration towards the city due to the US-Drone bombing campaign on tribal areas [3].

In the shadow of a global crisis, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan thinks that one of the most effective ways to combat the problems posed by Taliban and ISIL would be to begin a public awareness campaign to help promote and increase awareness of recruitment methods used by such organizations and of the various atrocities committed by the same. This helps to ensure that people are aware of the existence of such organizations and understand the risk that such organizations pose to human life. It can also help to prevent civilians from being tricked or mislead into joining these groups. In the past year several reports and cases were made both within and outside of Pakistan detailing civilians who were tricked into going to ISIL camps and then being unable to escape. Withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Iraqi and Syrian military bases surrounding ISIL territory should also be done at once, as if these missiles are recovered by the extremists, the consequences which follow will be dire and loss of life would be unthinkable. We hope that all of these measures together will help to reduce the human right violations as well as any other harm which could be inflicted by such extremist organizations and look forward to working with other nations towards our goal of liberation of all persecuted peoples from the hands of the extremists and justice to be served to those responsible for their crimes.

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