A Cover Letter Application to the JP Morgan

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My curiosity in corporate finance, the aspiration I have within myself to succeed in advisory roles and the skills I gained working in corporate sectors make me a desirable candidate for this job at JP Morgan. I believe partaking in this programme will definitely aid me to understand the firm’s culture and work ethics and it will be the start of a long-term career path here at JP Morgan. I decided to pursue a career in investment banking division after experiencing numerous financial roles. The Goldman Sachs A-Level Program introduced me to investment banking. At first, I was unsure if investment banking was the correct career route for me because of the difficult challenges and long hours that needed to be put in. However, this mindset changed over time, as I had the opportunity to work in less-challenging fields, such as Human Resources, which I interned in at Bank of America, as well as retail banking which I interned in at HSBC. That is when I decided my future career needed to be faster paced and more intellectually challenging.

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In July 2017 I Attended a Banking conference which inspired me to not limit my potential when I have not even experienced investment banking division first-hand. The previous challenges that I have come across had taught me to always give 110% in any role I do. By successfully selling my skills and myself to a partner in KPMG, I managed to get a month off-cycle corporate finance internship in KPMG with their M&A Team. This was a fantastic opportunity to work with the experienced seniors because this is the only team in KPMG that does not take interns nor fresh graduates in the KPMG structured graduate training programme. The experience was shot, intense but intriguing. I was fervent about the job I did in Corporate Finance and devoted a lot of time and effort to it, because of the significant impact I could make by working with the small regional M&A team of only five people, managing a huge amount of work. My passion for Investment Banking Division was strengthened from this internship. I, therefore, wish to challenge myself again in this field and there is nowhere better to do it than the greatest banking firm JP Morgan.

Throughout my internship in diverse financial situations, I have always researched on the firm to understand their goals, strategies and values. From the three unique firms I worked for, accountancy firm, retail bank and investment bank, I have regularly witnessed the transformation in the financial industry caused by the crisis. HSBC, BAML and KPMG, despite exercising different strategies, have strategically moved to specialise in more profitable products and geographical regions. This helped me to decide to start a career at JP Morgan as I was able to witness the rapid transformation of the industry and the potential of the firm is what appealed to me. I believe as the best Global Investment Bank in the FT league table; JP Morgan will continue to strengthen and gain more market share from other players’ exits. Furthermore, by speaking to your analysts in many campus recruitments events for the past year, I understand that JP Morgan has a vast amount of training resource and global opportunities that will keep me challenged and motivated.

Working for Investment Banking Division is puzzling, as I am well aware, yet I know I’ve got the correct mentality, capability and skills set for what the career requires. In terms of technical proficiency, I recognise having great mathematical skills can make me a suitable analyst, nevertheless, targeting to outperform, I have also self-studied Excel and the elementary technical foundation for Investment Banking Division before my KPMG Corporate Finance internship. Continuing this steep learning curve, I also had a formally assessed module on Excel which resulted in me gaining a certificated directly from Microsoft titled “Microsoft excel specialist”. I am keen to work for JP Morgan and board on my long-term career path here. I would, therefore, welcome a chance to meet you and discuss my candidacy in more details.

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