11 Book 'Wings Of Fire': Dragon Fantasy

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In the 11 book “Wings of fire” it starts of on the lost continent. It is from the point of a dragon called Blue. It starts where his life is normal and he meets a hivewing called Cricket after breaking the law and running away. Blue and Cricket must escape the queen's grasp and help find help to destroy the Queen of the hivewings. Blue also has a sister who undergoes her metamorphosis and blue realizes his is only a few days away. After that he starts to realize that he needs to escape.

Now I will go more in depth to different less significant details that don’t have a big effect on the story itself. First, Blue gets locked in prison and finds his dad in there. He is also a flame silk. Which means that the silk he spins with his hands are fiery and hot, as well as sticky and gooey. While he is in there he meets a lot of trying dragons who tend to be nice but some are not. He gets pulled out when his friend Cricket and her company come to rescue him. He gets pulled through a stone wall and rescued only to be let down by the fact he had to leave his dad behind to make flamsilk.

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Another thing that happens is he find some leaf wings in a garden shed behind some very important buildings. He greets them but is granted thanks by being taken hostage by them. He struggled but did not prevail and he was exhausted. He was later let go for questioning. Upon that, he learns that the leaf wings are related to each other. Later he gets let go force fully and is is now done his questioning so he is free to leave.

When he tries to steal a special book he gets caught and interlocked in a vicious battle. Cricket has a special power she can’t get her mind read by the queen like other hive wings. So they battle. If the queen dies or not it is up to you to find out. The librarian turns on the people because she is possessed and basically for her it is blood blood and death. When they fight the queen and eventually escapes with this very important book they find a hiding spot and you can read the rest.

The last part is when they fly to pyrrhia to find help to thwart the queen. They make alliances stay for a day and then we wait till the next book comes out to wow us. Oh did I forget to tell you that when they come the dragons that greet them are talking and and realize what is going on so when she comes in she gets rest in their hut. In my opinion this might play a big factor in the near future.

I think that when I looked back on it is was a very good and well written book. The only thing that I have to say is that it's very different from most books. I think that the book was good and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars it was good and could get more though.

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