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Understanding White Privilege in Tim Wise's Works

White privilege, a concept used by Tim Wise, an anti-racist writer, and educator, establishes that the whites enjoy more economic and social benefits as compared to people of color. Tim Wise has various videos, which are an attempt to understand the origin of white privilege,...

The Experience of White Privilege in White Like Me

White Privilege is a real thing in our society, it’s has been internalized making it seem like it's nothing different, it's just part of life. The definition of Privilege is a special right to resources such as housing and jobs. Within Privalage there are resources...

White Like Me: Exploring the Other Side of Racism and White Privilege

Introduction White Like Me is a documentary by Tim Wise’s on his life in a majorly black neighborhood growing up with black friends. It covers his views about white privilege and the structural advantages given to white people as he experienced first hand. Disregarding the...

The Negative Perception of People of Color from the Eyes of the White Person

The United States has the advantage of being a melting pot but still faces the issue of racism. Tim Wise in The Pathology of Privilege Racism, White Denial & the Costs of Inequality addresses the concern of stereotyping, racism, and privilege. His claims are presented...

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