Written Thank You Note for the Loved One

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Since a simple hand-written note is enough for you, that’s the least, amongst the things that I can do for you. It seemed too easy to write something for you as apparently “I am too good with words” but it’s been two hours already and I still find myself struggling to start. Problem is not that I don’t know what to write but that I have too much to write, that a piece of paper seems too small. It’s your Birthday and you may think it’s just another day but to me it’s not just a day, it’s an occasion, one to look up to. I don’t need to write all the wishes that I’d usually write for most people because you know I want only the best for you, not because you are my best friend or the best person I know but because you deserve only the best, not any less. It’s not just a birthday letter but a token of my gratitude for everything that you are. What amazes me the most about you is your unconditional form of giving, anytime I need something, you never hesitate to offer. I know you are always there, if I’m feeling low, I know I just need to reach out to you and i will instantly feel better.

Thank you for giving me your time and attention whether it’s about helping me through countless problems, listening to my petty complaints and bearing them, giving me a piece of advice, providing a shoulder to cry on or being brutally honest to snap me back into reality when required and encouraging me to stay strong. I may have hundreds of friends but there’s only been one constant in my life and that’s you. We have known each other all our lives, although we haven’t always been this close but we always got along well and it took us more than a decade to reach this level of friendship and I have loved every bit of it along the way. I always thought a best friend was sleep overs, countless activities and spending everyday together but you made me realize it’s more about not seeing each other all the time and still being so close that it blows your mind. We have come a long way and literally grown up together. I have seen you develop in to the beauty that you are, inside and out. On the outside you are so gorgeous, almost intimidating but still that doesn’t stop me from taking pictures with you and putting them up to show the world how beautiful my best friend is.

One the inside you are even prettier with the warmest and kindest of hearts, sharpest and sexiest of brains and an unbelievable personality, truly one of a kind and i feel blessed to be your best friend and I literally have no idea what I did to deserve you. All the memories we have together will stay with me for the rest of my life because those are the best I’ve had. From our never ending conversations, post mid-night therapy sessions, discussing multiple topics on multiple platforms simultaneously, talking about almost anything and everything there is to talk about, laughing at the lamest of jokes, ruining classic songs while having our recording sessions, making almost impossible plans but still enjoying while discussing them, taking crazy and stupid pictures and what not. I thank you for all of it and I would also like to apologize for the recent communication barrier we faced because of my constant complaining and also for disappointing you or making you angry at times, I can’t help it so you will just have to deal with it. Thank you for always being by my side in life and making it all worthwhile. I have no idea what I’d do without you and I hope I never find that out. Cheers to our friendship and I hope the better part of it is ahead.

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