Wonder Woman And Its Influence On The Film Industry

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Gal Gadot is the main character and plays Wonder Woman in the film during the First World War. The storyline of the movie starts at the pilot crash. When Diana realizes that the outside world was experiencing violence and conflicts. She then leaves her home to join the fight and while she’s gone, she discovers all her abilities and true destiny. She was raised on a sheltered island paradise and underwent training to become an unstoppable Amazionian warrior.


The Director of this film is Patty Jenkins. With others who helped make the film, Chinese Company Tencent Pictures and RatPac Entertainment. DC Entertainment produced the film with screenplay written by Allan Heinberg, co-written by Zack Snyder, Jason Fuchs, Geoff Johns, and Heinberg

Throughout the movie the director, Patty Jenkins, uses the slow-motion technique to convey the numerous effects on the two very pivotal scenes. The first scene was when the Germans founds Themyscira. This scene was brutal battle between the Amazonian warriors and the soldiers on the beach. This is when Diana sees an Amazonian warrior killed by a gun and this is when Jenkins uses slow motion to portray this moment. This slow-motion technique allowed the viewers understand every second of action that was happening in the battle scene. If slow-motion wasn’t used for this scene, some would have become confused on what to focus on, and the viewer would lose concentration in the quick action shots that came next.

For color purposes, the director Jenkins, applied the cyan palette when choosing the key themes when demonstrating within the outside world and the Themyscira Island. For Themyscira, he uses many colors to show the natural beauty of and also at the same time shows the cyan of water, the warmth of the sun, the bronzy, lush green, and healthy skin tones of the Amazons. The film brings in a lot of dark overcast light when adding a stronger feel towards the cyan when showing the Front or London. The many uses of the colors show the sense of the environment without making it appear too strong. For example, the dark black skies of London are shown because of the burning of coal had polluted the environment in London and other parts of the world.

This film uses sounds very well to their advantages at many parts. The director uses low whispering voices to help add a sense of personality to the lasso as if it’s alive. Also, while the sound director maintained the sizzling but induced watery and less high-end to pitch it down with the film demonstrating the blood-flow sound that has a slow rhythm that makes it fascinating. Sound throughout the film was ensured that the very high-end sounds were very avoided in the movie. Having established the lower frequencies are more effectual compared to very-high frequencies and introduce physiological and emotional effects on humans. For example, tranquil music was designed for the Amazonian paradise. Also, the sound director adds the Mediterranean ambiances with songbirds from Australasia, Asia, and Amazon.

The Slow-Motion Technique:

This film does a great job of using techniques like slow motion to create emotional appeals since the onlookers get to understand the happenings according to the protagonist’s point of view. Diana saw the slow-motion bullet fly past to where it hit her good friend Amazonian soldier. At this point, Diana had never faced bullets, guns and never their killer abilities. In this scene, Diana realizes that the outside world is a dangerous place and she was not invisible. In the scene, No Man’s Land, a spectacular use of the slow-motion technique in this scene to illustrates how a bullet is shot directed towards Diana but instead of watching it, she refracts it away.

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The bullet deflection in slow-motion induces the notion of inspiration and hope, along with this technique being used to depict power and grace throughout the Wonder Woman film. In the No Man’s Land fight scene, Wonder Woman enters into the battle protecting the people around her from the German bullets, while her under fire, her allies come and save the villagers under attack. Her golden lasso is a very essential part on why Diana fought with bravery and courage.

Vivid Use of Color

The special effects displayed in this film were a masterpiece, just one example was the final fight with Ares. Jenkins, the director, finds many ways to create an emotional story by utilizing the generic CGI stylized light. The color palette changing in the film helps to tell a dynamic story and add depth to creates a distinct dimension to the plot. This film shows the all-female utopia and the occurrences in the battle-embroiled nations, which are assigned a liberal dusting of the muted clan.

In Wonder Woman, red, blue, and gold are the most dominant colors used since her armor is red in color and covers her whole torso. The red colors help draw attention of the viewers before the gold accents. The battle of Ares is dominated by red and orange color, with red signifying fighting in battles as well as passion and love. Diana believes in love and displayed coving her heart is red armor. On the other hand, gold color conflicts with red, except it is not very influential in the film. Blue dominates Themyscira that is deep, rich and signifies a sense of peace, tranquility, and serenity. Steve Taylor says the place seems like a Paradise Island.

In the trench scene where Diana and Steve arrive at the forefront, suddenly the sky clears up and becomes reveals a much brighter blue when Diana climbs up the ladder in her full Amazonian regalia. In the gala scene, Diana steals a blue gown and the bright colors of the gown differentiates the dimmer and darker room that she enters into. This makes her similar to the others but the bright color signifies Diana as the warrior of Themyscira. The film so naturally uses the color technique to its advantage. The discovery of the outside world by Diana is painted as dark, colder, and muted.

Development of The Sound Effects:

The sound recordings on the waterfalls at Themyscira avoid the high-end hiss and white noise but show the low-end roar and rumble of the waterfalls. Compared to London and the scenes of the First World War, the sound of paradise is quiet and peaceful, while the sound of cars, boats, and crowds is overshadowed when Diana meets Steve to show environment of the outside world. The sound engineer ensures that they amped up the scene of the propelling slow-motion bullet and allowed the sounds associated with the military machines during the war to be intimidating and frightening. This atmospheric sounds during the war ensure that the viewers become aware of the war.

The sound effects in Wonder Woman help illustrate the powers vested on the central character. In the scene recapturing the Belgian village, the director adds the Guy Ritchie-style fight as the protagonist takes on 25 soldiers. Wonder Woman uses all her powers: her bracelets, the lasso, her shin guards, and her shield. Inside the room, her movement are placed from real-time to slow-motion then back to real-time. The scene is choreographed in a fantastic way and it reveals the combination of the subdued slow-motion sounds with realistic sound. Some of the elements added to the lasso included the recordings captured during the grinding of two stone slabs against each other like a mill, in a circular motion. The similar sound effect was also demonstrated in Harry Potter films when the filmmaker attempted to ensure that an inert object is perceived as a character without necessarily having to make it sound a bit sci-fi.

Induce Emotions:

On the Island, the females had enormous physical strength and expressed their emotions even though the feeling could at times expose a supposed weakness. This film showed that it’s unfair to look down on women when they show their emotions, and the same is praised or excused when done by men. The music played a big part on in the film because it helped reveal the emotions of the characters. The filmmaker does achieve creating an emotional narrative in a unique way, while the director avoided designing high sounds, this ensured that the viewers were bereft of pace and on track at the end of the h 

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