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Art Nouveau and Modernist Movements in Art

Art Nouveau is originated in England. William Morris collaborated with other artists so Art Nouveau was created. It has a wide range of different decorative arts, like architectural, painting, graphic art, and jewelry. It was most popular during the 1890s. Its popularity came to a...

William Morris: Arts and Crafts Movement

William Morris was a famous artists who mainly focused on his wallpaper and fabric designs. While he was mainly known for his art, even today, he had many other notable careers and accomplishments, One of them being that he founded the Arts and crafts movement....

The Rare Profession of Bookmaking in William Moriss' Example

From the mid-18th century to the early 19th century, as mass production became possible through the industrial revolution, stuffs throughout life began to fill up with cheap, low-quality products produced by machines. Aesthetic values have been averted out among functional objects, and artists have been...

William Morris: The Founder of Art and Craft Movement

Art and craft movement are to assert the individual craft people who are creativity independent, and to retuned to hand craftsmanship. Take the reaction of against the industrialised society that the boom in Britain during the Victorian period, also the organisation (artistic reform). Nowadays, Art...

Reasons Why William Morris Criticized the Great Exhibition

As a condition of life, production by machinery is altogether evil ‘ as said by William Morris, an architect, artist, writer, socialist and the influencer of the Arts and Crafts period. Morris encouraged people to work with their hands and believed in the importance of...

Tunnel Vision and Ignorance of William Morris

William Morris was born 24/03/1834 in Essex in England. When he was a teenager his father died so he was the oldest male of the household, he grew up in the countryside on large land. He went to Oxford University and became a poet he...

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