Why Should Weed Be Legal In the UK

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Cannabis also known as Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Green, Dope and Grass is a drug which is widely used in the world and in some countries, it is legal for example Amsterdam but in others it is illegal for example the U.K. However, many people think that the UK should be like Holland and legalise it as they claim it does less harm than cigarettes and alcohol which are legal here. So, why should weed be legal?

Cannabis has many effects which vary from person to person but many use it not just as a recreational drug but as a way of dealing with severe pain which normal pain killers don’t help. Some of the effects are:

  • It can make you feel chilled out/relaxed and happy.
  • Some people experience the giggles or become more talkative.
  • Hunger Pangs are common.
  • Colours look more intense and music sounds better.
  • Time may feel like its slowing down.

Cannabis can have other effects too if you are not used to using it or if it is too strong. For example:

  • You may feel faint or sick
  • You may feel sleepy
  • It can affect memory
  • It makes some people feel confused, anxious or paranoid, and some experience panic attacks and hallucinations

Cannabis may have a bad effect on children, however smoking cigarettes are also bad, alcohol is bad this can also affect children that’s why there should be an age limit just like smoking and alcohol. Some countries allow people to smoke cannabis, countries such as Canada, Amsterdam, Germany, USA (some states e.g. Boston), Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Cambodia, Lagos, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. As you can see these countries are developed and trweat the use of cannabis wisely.

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Marijuana is less addictive than other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, Xanax which have taken the lives of Mac Miller, a rapper, Lil Peep, a rapper, Heath Ledger, an actor, Whitney Houston, a singer, Amy Winehouse, a singer, Michael Jackson, a singer, River Phoenix, an actor and Marilyn Monroe a model. None of the above died from weed they all died from other drugs or alcohol.

A study found that weed is safer than alcohol. When driving you are less likely to crash than if you drink and drive and you are more likely to do bad stuff when you are under the influence of alcohol.

Marijuana can also kill cancer cells; famous people grow marijuana to help cancer patients such as Mike Tyson who spends thousands each month on weed. Marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer. Mixing tobacco with smoke causes cancer so you are much more likely to get cancer from cigarettes.

If developed countries can make it legal that means the UK can make it legal. The economy would benefit due to Economic gross because it would be much greater. Health improvements would also be beneficial because if people stop smoking cigarettes and take up Marijuana instead less people will get cancer, be depressed, take up hospital beds and it could help industries such as farming who could grow cannabis legally and make healthy profits. It could also be taxed the way cigarettes and alcohol are taxed.

There could also be a law introduced to ensure you stick to a limit otherwise you could be fined which would be another way to profit from it. A certain age limit could be put in place and only registered or licensed premises could sell it.

In conclusion, I think there are far more benefits to legalising cannabis than there are problems so I think the UK government are silly not to change the law.  

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