Why Is Brutus A Tragic Hero

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 A tragic hero is usually represented by a character likely in a powerful position, leading or being a part of the positive side, but he/she also makes a terrible decision that causes the character’s death or downfall. The decision is meant to be good, but it will always turn out bad at last.

William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar. The play tells a story about how the Roman Consul, Brutus, was lied by the Roman senate which leads by Cassius and helps assassin his best friend, Julius Caesar, to protect the democracy of Roman that Caesar is trying to take away. Then, the Senate side and Antony have a war, they fight each other, and the wars end when Brutus uses a dagger and suicide. So, why is brutus a tragic hero?

Brutus is a tragic hero in this play. He has always been to be a noble and honorable man, loyal to his friend. He has strict rules to follow and beliefs that guides his life and help him protect the people of Rome, but when he involved in to the murder, all this changed

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When he face the conflict between his loyalty to his friend or loyalty to the people of Rome, he is still pretty unsure which side to pick. But when Cassius showed him a bunch of fake letter the pretend to be Rome citizens letter, Brutus choose the Rome side. Brutus loves Julius Caesar as a friend no doubt, but he doesn’t want anyone to be become too powerful that were able to become a dictator over the people of Rome. Because of this sense of honor, the traitors were able to manipulate him into the plan of assassin Caesar.

Because of Brutus' honorable reputation, others senator join the plan to assassinate Julius Caesar because they trust Brutus’s behave. Brutus is pretty struggle before Casuu shows him the fake letter and insert this idea of assassin a dictator to protect Rome. Even when Brutus did involve into the action, he is still plan to make the assassinate more honorable and organized to reduce the cold blood.

After Caesar was stabbed to death in the Senate, Brutus still think it’s a blow to freedom. He believed that once he interpreted, people in Rome will understand and accept the action of assassinate Caesar. In other words, Brutus was pretty naive and Idealist, using motion to makes decision and did not even realize himself. After the funeral, the mobs kicks the traitors out the Rome republic, civil war breaks out and Brutus’s fate start walk downhill.

Also, Cassius suggest that Brutus should plan to killed Antony and later on suggest not to let Antony speaks on the funeral. However, Brutus makes the terrible decision to allow Antony to live and gives him permission to address the masses, allowing Antony the start this riot and let the people of Rome against the senate, which is what Brutus take care of most. This is another example of how Brutus’ idealist leads to his fate.

Idealists are destined to live more pain. They have their own pride, they have what they want to do, and they have a life for a mission. If they don't get it, they would rather die. They will not easily give in to fate, and it is because of this that they suffer more than ordinary people. Being too Idealist will be a problem for central student because we as a student, should change as the teacher change, and accept the failure, if they can’t reach their goal, they might get in a very struggle situation. 

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