Why Abraham Lincoln is America's Best President

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The best president? You may ask yourself in this day and age, after now in this year's political debate over situations. A lot of people will be asking, ¨Well who could have done it better?¨ or ¨What good things have happened in the past?¨ Well, a lot of people may say that there were never any great political leaders and presidents. They may be right. But there were at least a few that had made a stand incorrect moves. Abe Lincoln is one of the few best presidents to have run in the presidency campagne.

Now, Abraham Lincoln continues to be one of the most well know and iconic Presidents to have been in political office. Being the 16th president. His top hat and long beard, and also being as tall as 6´4¨. He continues to be a staple president out of the many more who have ever been in office. Excluding some of course. He still presumes as an icon to everyone who has ever been in elementary.

Through his presidency term, he´d been a real hit with everyone in his town. He became the most popular with children and townspeople. He´d had some ideas and plans he would like to execute for his term of presidency. One popular and controversial plan was to abolish slavery laws. Lincoln had to decide that try and end slavery by imposing multiple laws and getting people on his side. By abolishing slavery he had gained a lot of backlashes, and now in this time, has gained a reputation of being one of the first few presidents to do something about the issue.

Lincoln died on April 15, 1865, from an assassination. He was killed by John Wilks Booth by a gunshot wound to on and the back of his skull. The assassin, Booth, was a known member of the confederate party and had held a grudge against Lincoln for trying to impose voting rights on black people. He decided to go to the play that Lincoln was attending, and kill him and the rest of the people in the room. Although he had to make his getaway he was only able to injure Lincoln badly. Booth was later caught but instead of being captured, he was killed by officers. Licon remained in a coma until his death. They then made his Vice President, Andrew Johnson president immediately after. His death was taken harshly by the townspeople and supporters. He received the title ¨United States´ Martyr Hero¨.

Abe Lincoln remains to be well known and an inspiration to people to this day. He is commemorated in places such as Mount Rushmore, and the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. Abe Lincoln is one of the few best presidents to have run in the presidential campaign.

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