Valinco Skydiving Center and Fondest Memories

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If you want to have a unique experience during your next parachute jump, here are some destinations to consider. In front of the beauty of our beautiful planet, many thrill seekers take advantage of their passion to admire the magnificent landscapes from here and elsewhere while pushing their limits. This is also the case for paratroopers who make free-fall jumps to see the splendor of nature. 

This free fall space directly above the Guadeloupe archipelago, all paratroopers can only marvel at the view they have when jumping from one of the Caribbean Parachuting planes. Difficult not to fall in love with the lagoons and tropical landscapes of this region. It is certainly the perfect place for a first flight and an unforgettable experience.o experience the wingsuit, here are perfect places to make you live unforgettable moments.

With almost a minute in freefall over Corsica, adrenaline lovers will be satisfied. With the Valinco skydiving center, your little fears will become your fondest memories. With these very varied landscapes, this Mediterranean island will charm you with its softness and purity. Take the plunge or give this original gift to a loved one.

The city of Interlaken is a perfect place to get laid! Let yourself be carried away by the splendor of the Swiss Alps both in winter and in summer. Performing your jump from a helicopter, you can live a truly unique experience and your memories will forever remain in your memory.

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Whether you make your first or your 100th jump, the Empuriabrava experience will not leave you dissatisfied. Located in Barcelona in Spain, this jump zone will make you see the Spanish region from a different perspective and will not disappoint you.

Located in the Persian Gulf, the artificial palm Jumeirah archipelago in Dubai has become a must when talking about parachute jumping. Completed in 2009, this skydiving area offers a simply incredible view and has become the perfect place to make your first parachute jump. From the air, the 16 palms and the 11 km crescent are really attractive and add value to your souvenir photos.

The Victoria Falls are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Being the largest water curtain in the world, this place takes your breath away with its natural beauty. By making a jump in this region, you will have the chance to admire the splendor of these gorges before jumping into the void, surrounded by the African wilderness.

Adrenaline enthusiasts take advantage of the Everest Skydive experience from a helicopter at 23,000 feet. This adventure, which claims to be unique, is unfortunately not available all year round. Indeed, it is only once a year, generally in November, for a few days, that this event takes place that attracts enthusiasts. With the view of the highest peaks in the world, the experience is certainly worth the wait.

Having received the supreme prize for tourism in New Zealand, the NZONE skydiving company can boast of thrills at the height of their fame. Located at the base of the Remarkables, an impressive mountain range, the company will make you live one of the most beautiful moments of your life and guarantee that your fear will never exceed your wonder. Located in Hawaii, Wailuku is the county seat of Maui Island. Recognized for its breathtaking landscapes from the air, this region welcomes thousands of people who want to live a unique parachute experience each year.

Descend at high speed under the warm Florida sun while discovering the landscapes of this splendid region. On the menu: exotic animals, breathtaking scenery and an extraordinary experience with renowned and passionate instructors from Skydive Key West. Obviously, there are several schools of parachuting and other interesting destinations for lovers of parachute jumps and for those who want to start in tandem. These 10 breathtaking destinations will satisfy you or will become a good gift to offer to a loved one.

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