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Typography: From Billboards to Street Signs

Typography is everywhere we look, in the books we read on the websites we visit even in everyday life, from billboards to street signs, product packaging and even on your mobile phone. It is the art and technique of designing and arranging type. Today the...

Johannes Gutenberg and the Origins of Typography

Introduction In this essay I will be discussing about the Origins of Typography. I will be mentioning key factors that played an important role throughout, and up until the 19th Century. I will be mentioning Gutenberg, and how he influenced his time and many more...

History of Technological Improvements in Typography

The development of technological advancements is instrumental in the progression of typography as a tool and a design form. The new technologies inspired designers to explore new capabilities and then changed the boundaries of existing visual language structures of the Industrial Revolution, as they wanted...

History of The Birth of Typography in Germany

The development of modern typography started in Germany with the printing of the Gutenberg Bible by Johann Gutenberg in 1455. Gutenberg successfully brought together existing technologies and slightly tweaked them to print the first major Western book using moveable metal type with a press. Gutenberg...

Practical Usage of Typography in the Corner of Explanation

In 1979 Bruce Brown examined “The Graphic Triangle” which was made of 3 elements, 'explanation', 'persuasion' and 'identification'. These were the only values he believe should be adopted when attempting to communicate ideas or messages. As far as we know nowadays there is a variety...

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