Treatment of Cervical and Blood Cancer with Robotic Surgery

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Human body has millions of cell which grows relentlessly, when this growth is disturbed there are uncontrolled number of cells, which leads to cancer. Cancer is a dreadful disease where the division of cells never rest and spread to the surrounding tissues. Cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, exposure to UV light are the main causes of cancer. It affects the various parts of human body like eyes, brain, kidney, heart, breast and the blood stream too which causes the blood cancer.

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The most best moment in the world when a child being born when he drives the characteristics of his mom and dad, but he also inherits the monstrous cancer genes too. Cancer is also caused due to the inheritance. One little mistake in amino acid can mess up the whole body. The nucleus of the cells are away from the nutrients and the cancer cell starts killing themselves. The cells starts getting into depression and they sleep. This process can take months and even decades. After this process the cancer cells starts to grow swiftly.

There are various kinds of cancer and the treatment given for each is different. Doctors use methods like radiology, drugs or natural remedies. To take the treatment one must have prior knowledge about what cancer is and the treatments used. The cancer has an abnormal chromosome that carries a “fallacious message” which passes to the other chromosomes which makes them mutate or divide rapidly.

The arduous experience in diagnosis of cancer is the surgery required to accurately find the stage of the cancer growth. The da Vinci robotic surgery is a helpful revolutionary in medical field that has brought a new life for the cancer patients. The surgery involves only few incisions, reduces the blood loss and the recovery is faster when compared to surgery or laparoscopy. The robotic surgery involves only tiny cuts which makes the doctors to sit comfortably and have a camera for high definition view of the image of the tissues. The arms of the robot mimic the movements of the doctor.

The da Vinci robotic surgery technique has been used in various multispecialty hospitals in Bangalore like Narayana Hrudayalaya, Fortis, Apollo and many other hospitals. Many doctors iare being trained on how to use the robotic systems. The use of the robotic surgery is rapidly growing in the field of medicine. New technologies iare implemented to improve the already existing ones. Future studies are required to iovercome the complications of the robotic surgery. Though it needs some improvements it ihas been the recommended treatment to deal with cancer.

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