Treatment Inequality at Work: Extroverts and Introverts

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Characterized for extroversion and introversion is a common characteristic of flexible personality theories. The relations introversion and extroversion were spread by Carl Jung, agreeing to Jung there are two equally special insolences extroversion and introversion. The introvert is more relaxed with the inner world of opinions and feelings, so they will understand the world in relations of in what way it affects them. Meanwhile, extroverts attempt to feel better confident with a world of basic thought, and other individuals, and are more uneasy for their influence on the world.

The article is from Collegiate Times November 6, 2016, which deals with Nguyen Phan who comes with his opinions on introverts and extroverts. Phan’s message is that you are perfect as you are, and you do not have to be just like others, just to be yourself. At the beginning of the article, he describes that introverts best like being alone and relaxed. In the article’s headline: “Introverts should not assimilate into extroverted education style” (Page 1, Line10). A similar consideration is developed by the fact that introverts and extroverts have different weaknesses in the classroom, which cause that group to be lost. Phan has both good and bad opinions about introverts. Phan believes that loneliness in an introvert person is one’s best friend, “Solitude is your best friend, and being quiet or soft-spoken is perfectly comfortable” (Page 2, Line 33). He describes the introvert person very innocently and purely; he claims that an introvert prefers to have a person than many people in one’s life that is not beneficial. Curiously from the depiction of an introverted person in Phan’s context, it is reasonable that little knowledge will be devoted to the affair of their extroverted world. An introvert will feel lost by strangers because they have not experienced the extrovert world “To many introverts, it is difficult to resist the temptation to become lost in the thought by daydreaming, thinking or reflecting” (Page 2, Line 31). In that way, the urge to perform practical reading to add introverts will greatly increase the process of collaborating and collaborating among each other. The angle of view will be in harmony with environment’s principle, how mergers do not need to be honored alone for its sake.

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Nevertheless, learning systems emphasize the need for enterprise that benefits extroversion, whereas introverting no time has to be considered through the student instructor interaction. Nguyen Phan claims that Introvert is not so good at balancing into the spicy extra modern education style, because for introverting it’s hard to think of the noisy world. Contrast to the introverted students, they will be fearless to emphasize their attitudes. No matter that all forms for personality or loneliness are not satisfactory in the development; Nguyen Phan’s article worships the call in introvert in peace.

The article appeals to college students and the education system, because Phan’s claims that there need to be a balance between the introverts and extroverts. He manufactures that the extroverted people do not help the system grow. “Even though it is hard to accept, the truth is that the extroverted-biased education does not help us grow as much” (Page 3, Line 64). Phan also agrees that it is not introverted, there is a mistake in and that they do not have to change to adapt to the school system, but while there is a malfunction in the education system, he thinks it is the education system that should be changed” This is not true. Introverts do not need to change to match other students. It is the education system that needs to change.” (Page 3, Line 61) In the article, the style is normal because he tries to get his message heard for all university students, the education system and general to extroverted. In the article, Phan also mentions Susan Cain who is the author of ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,'(Page 2, Line 57) he highlights Cain’s name because he agrees with her about the balance between introvert must feel comfortable. He also uses the apple shapes he uses ethos and gets the reader’s faith and faith because he involves important people, for example. Steve Wazniak was the former Apple engineer, who stood behind the quote” Work alone, not on a committee, not on a team”. (Page 3, Line 70) Wazniak also contributed to the fact that introvert did not have an impact on one’s education development.

All in all, Nguyen Phan agrees that introverts must keep this balance about the education development and nothing wrong or right about introverts. Introvert has a major influence on the development of a better world and introverts have a balance with extroverts. Introverts have strong capabilities and resources than extroverts have. There is genuine inequality between introverts and extroverts, even though one knows that one has practice for respecting all individuals besides judging.

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