Three Social Sciences Needed for a General Physician 

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A general physician is a future job that I would be interested in. Overall, general physicians treat patients for many different things such as small and long lasting illnesses. They also provide preventive care, and health education. A general physician works with a lot of people varying in age, size, and mental health stages. Although this job uses a lot of science, anthropology, psychology, and sociology is integrated in a general physicians everyday work life.

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The first area of social science that associates with the job of a general physician is anthropology. If I were to become a general physician in the future, I would have to work with lots of people who are drastically different from one another. I would have to really understand my patient’s culture to come up with a plan for them to get better. Many different religions have specific rules you have to follow if you are ill for example, Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to have a blood transfusion because they believe it is against god’s will. Therefore a general physician would have to come up with an alternate solution. Lastly, the field of medicine a general physician has to focus on for a specific patient follows the theory of functionalism. As technology evolves, doctors will have to assess what works and what doesn’t in order to make proper adjustment to treatments.

Out of all social sciences the one that connects to being a general physician the most is psychology. One of the toughest things you encounter when you become a general physician is learning how to deliver stressful news and distribute emotional and mental support to patients going through very hard times. General Physicians asses the mental state of patients quite frequently before providing referrals to psychologists. For example, when they deal with kids who may have ADHD, I would have to study their personality to see if something is truly wrong.

The last social science that relates to being a general physician is sociology. The world known definition for health is, “ In a good physical and mental state.” In order to properly judge a patient's health a general physician has to consider things such as influences, and social conditions, and how these things could have caused any behavioural changes or illness’. A general physician has to be aware of different challenges that may come up in different social classes and this is basically what conflict theory explains. For example, patients with a lower income have a very difficult time getting necessary treatment. Symbolic Interactionism is also involved in being a general physician because patients could possible have different views than the doctor. Although, the general physician has to be able to understand the patients point of view. In that case a general physician may need to change the treatment plan to make it more suitable for the patients societal needs and values. These three social sciences are all integrated into the job as a general physician. By including similar methods and theories used by social scientists, a general physician can improve communication with a patient and determine the right treatment plan for their patient.

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