Thomas Edison as the Greatest Innovator of the Time

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I will be informing you about a man who change how the human race lives today and is the reason why how the people today are surrounded by so much technology. This remarkable man with such great intelligence was Thomas Edison. Thomas edison was a very famous inventor, some of the inventions he discovered and changed the world was the Phonograph and the electric light bulb. His most famous invention was the light bulb in the summer of 1880. With the invention being so big it impacted the world in a big way. With his invention he gave the world light as my generation would say “he was lit”. Electric light bulb going big for mr.Edison he started a company in new york and the rest is history. Before he even became an inventor before he even thought about the theory of being light in the world he was a toddler. Thomas Edison was born february eleven eighteen forty seven in milan, ohio. By seven years old Thomas and his family moved to Michigan. While there Thomas may have annoyed his tutor to the point the tutor refused to teach and just simply quit. At the age of eleven his parents decided to introduce young Thomas to a books and each book he completed, he was rewarded ten cents from his father. Eventually, Edison started reading as a hobby.

Thomas Edison at age eleven was so interested in reading about world history and english literature. By the time he was twelve Edison had already been reading advanced adult books, yes Thomas Edison was a walking prodigy in the mid 1800’s. With him reading so much including Shakespeare, he wanted to become an actor but due to his shyness he eventually gave up on becoming an actor. Fast forward two years later Thomas being as smart as he is, Edison is feeling like an adult. But, Thomas Edison is still young so he’s got to look up to someone, like hero an admirer. And, the perfect man to look up at the time was no other than sir Abraham Lincoln the sixteenth President of the United States. Edison admir Mr. lincoln so much that made a campaign poster. During school Edison faced some challenges. Such as dyslexia and lack of hearing like I said before. His teacher just thought he was dumb and lazy and didn’t belong with the other students. Well that teacher must feel pretty guilty now. Also another challenge he faced was lack of hearing from his right ear but, that didn’t stop Thomas from working hard. At age sixteen mr.edison made his first invention which was called “automatic repeater”. This invention helped send messages from the telegraph. As Edison kept living his life he decided to move to a beautiful city named Boston. When Thomas moved to Boston he decided to work at as a telegraph operator. When Edison wasn’t at his job he was still working on new invention. As he fell in love from his own invention he decided to drop his job and give a 100% to his inventions and discovery new things great ideas that Thomas Edison had.

In his lifetime, Edison approximately had a thousand and ninety three inventions. Besides other minor inventions, he made the first light bulb, he discovered a way to form electric light, heat, and power. He made the first motion picture movie. One of the minor inventions Edison had discovered was voting machine and a stock ticker. A stock ticker was a printer of stock prices on paper tape.Thomas Edison also helped his country during World War I. Thomas Edison helped the United States government the best way he can and that was to think big for an invention. Edison made new items to help ships and submarines fnd enemy ships and guns. Which helped the navy in the early nineteen hundreds protect themselves from countries from the east. These inventions.In nineteen thirty, the great inventor who changed humanity’s living Thomas Edison passed away at the age of eighty four. But, his work has not been forgotten. In my opinion Thomas Edison inventions effective everyone because without him I wouldn’t be able to walk into a room and just turn on the switch and give light to my room. Edison took us out of the dark and brought us something better than fire, he brought us LIGHT.

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