The Ways Of Reduction Of Plastics Consumption

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The world is currently under siege by big and wealthy conglomerates. These companies are peddling death through their distribution and consumption of natural and manmade elements that are harming the Earth in irreversible ways. Among these ills is the ever growing creation and dependency on plastics. The goal of my project is to design a classroom curriculum for elementary aged students, and provide education and meaningful afterschool and take home activities on ways that people could limit their use of plastics and instead opt for alternative and safe ways to fight our plastic dependency.

Moreover, I Rita Valenzuela plan on going to Mr. Villa’s classroom at Santa Clara to educate young students on the importance and solutions to helping the Earth out. With the hope that the student will adapt these habit along with sharing it to other peers. This will be for 30 minutes each visit and this will be documented through photos or receipts. The photos or will be of me educating student on ways of helping out the Earth. The receipts will be a signature from Mr. Villa proving that I was there and the date and times. I will go during October or November and do activity and lecture Furthermore, this is significance as it educates the future on adapting beneficial habits for treating the Earth.

According to 4Ocean. com there at least 15 ways that we could start reversing our dependency on plastics. First, we could stop using plastic straws and opt for biodegradable straws. Second, we can stop using supermarket plastic bags, and instead use reusable shopping bags. Third, we can stop using plastic water bottles and instead use reusable water containers made of long lasting and safe materials. Fourth, we could increase our use of glass containers, Fifth, we could stop end our dependence on plastic packaged snacks, and instead opt for natural snacks. Sixth, we could stop using plastic cutlery. Seventh, we could use cardboard over plastic. Eighth, we could use bamboo toothbrushes because they are biodegradable and environmentally safe. Ninth, we could rethink our cosmetics, especially the ones that use microbeads. Tenth, we could choose metal over plastic razors. Eleventh, we could use metal hangers and ditch the plastic hangers in the recycle bin. Twelfth, we could stop using plastic in household items like clothes hampers and baskets, and instead use bamboo. Thirteenth, we could stop getting bills in the mail and opt for e-billing. This would alleviate our dependency on milled paper. Fourteenth, we could end our use of newsprint and opt for email and online delivery of the daily newspaper. Fifteenth, we can really focus on changing our mentality on plastic and reject it in any way shape or form.

In this day and age, there are many ways to avoid our plastic dependency. Aardvark Straws is an example of the type of company I’d like to promote for change. They are a company based here in the U. S. , that provides durable and environmentally friendly paper straws. The simple elimination of plastic straws could have profound effects on our environment. According to aardvarkstraws. com, “if we don’t act now to remove the plastic dependency, plastics in the ocean could outweigh the fish. ” By supporting Aardvark Straws and other eco-friendly companies, we could help start the healing of Earth’s fragile atmosphere and environment.

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