The Usage Of Cellphones In Schools And Reasons To Allow It

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It is a very big innovation when different gadgets were invented that almost a part of life nowadays. From television, to computers up to telecommunication it was really a big help and aid to our everyday life most specially the mobile phones. 30 years ago, in order to send messages are true telegrams and letters, that really had been so slow and inconvenient for the messages received to late already most likely for the purpose of emergency or rather important matters. At present day, from Nokia 3210 or Motorola big mobile phones up to I Phone X and Galaxy Samsung, mobile phones invades our way of life from the mere children of nursery to the most oldest person in the planet are using mobile phones not mere to communicate but it was really part of every man’s way of life that gave the certainty of easing once burden or mere leisure to cope his or her time or maybe stress reliever after a whole day work load.

As a teenager or what they say millennia’s, mobile phones was part of our everyday life whenever we go out, to party, to travel, to mourn, to have a date and most specially going to school. We can say that we can lose our boyfriend or girlfriend but we cannot afford not having a cellphone, it is our first and foremost our best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, our buddy second to the reality. Sucks, yes but it’s true. We cried losing it nor not has one or most of the time when it is broken for it had drop or sit upon at worst scenario.

For mobile phones are cheap and handy at all kinds or purposes on using it comparing to a personal desktop computer or rather a laptop that was so expensive and very much dangerous carrying one. There are so many kinds of mobile phones that are available in the Philippine market that is affordable to the most Filipinos most especially if it’s made from China, that what they call cloned phones of some branded mobile phones all over the Philippines. That is the reason even those on the level of poverty status and even those individuals with a low paying jobs can afford it. What more when it comes to students like me that don’t have still jobs and only rely on our parents for them to provide us.

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In recent events in our school there is an incident that occurs in confiscating the students mobile phones. It is not new for most Filipinos abuses their rights at any given time, may it be inside or outside the school. Most Filipinos are really stubborn, if by chance they can escape or had a chance not going in the process that will be the time they intend to do things that are not let say not allowed. The same on what happening inside the school, students will try everything just to escape and do lazy things that will at the end saw them being scolded and bring upon the guidance office or the principal’s office.

There is a Deped Order prohibiting the use of cellphone inside and during the class. Why? There are many reasons to be considered why it should not be allowed. First, it was really an ethical using cellphone while the teacher teaches in the classroom for it was disturbing and all will not pay attention on the teacher and will be able to learn anything fo he or she focus only in her or his cellphone. When students use their cell phones to check social media and text their friends in class, it leads to distractions for those students as well as for their peers. This can cause disruptions in class, particularly if the teacher is constantly telling students to turn their devices off. While cell phones can help encourage participation by offering different channels, this can also lead to less in-person discussion and fewer learning opportunities. Learning to work together with others is an important part of students’ education, and can be lost with too much dependence on cell phones and other digital technology. Secondly, cellphones are used not only for social media purposes but for merely cheating and bullying. Cell phones can be a helpful learning tool in class. But they can also be used by students to access information while taking a test, leading to cheating. Even if a student isn’t caught, this can lead to him or her having a poor understanding of the material in the future, and is unfair to students who studied hard to do well. And in bullying peers and other students it is rampant. Cell phones can also lead to increased problems with bullying on the school ground. Cyber bullying can be harder to see than other forms of bullying, making it difficult for teachers to identify and stop when it is happening. This two major reason why cellphone for students not be allowed to used inside the classroom and also as stated in the Deped Order.

But in reality nowadays different gadget was a big aid in the learning process. Cell phones can give students access to more information, letting them research more about a topic while having class discussions. This is especially true for current events that have not yet been covered in school textbooks. Not all idea that they need to make their homework or research can be found in a book, a very fast and easy way was in the net and it is a very big help for everybody and cellphones and other gadget are there to rescue but it must be done or used only during their breaks or recess. Every rule should have an exemption n order for everyone to be accommodated base on their needs.

Lastly, it is just and right to use cellphone in case of emergency specially if the student was far from his or her residence he or she was living. For this case, it is just and simple if the teacher and the student talked about it or in the beginning ask for his or her permission that he or she is waiting for a call that is badly needed, to give way for beforehand information and not being shocked for it rang or beep. And for that was the only lacking on the students, the courtesy to ask permission and value of giving respect at the earliest possible. Everything is possible if only you or everyone will talk about it in a very polite way. 

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