The Soviet Union: Why It's Good That It Fell Apart

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The pros and cons are in everything. But personally I do not regret that the USSR ceased to exist. If you look at the history of all socialist States — none of them stood even one century. An accident? No, this is a pattern, because socialism itself is built on laws that contradict the fundamental laws of nature.

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Pros in the collapse of the USSR:

Freedom of speech. When the Soviet Union people kept my mouth shut and was afraid to say too much, but if you lived in shit — still had to say that I live in chocolate. Now people are free to Express dissatisfaction with life, and even openly criticize the government.
Freedom of religion. In the USSR, believers were treated as fools — tolerable, but with condescending disdain. There was a clear dominance of atheism. Now anyone can openly conduct both religious and atheistic propaganda and boldly Express their opinion.
Free enterprise. This is a very important point. In the USSR, people lived from salary to salary, any stable prosperity aroused suspicion and people could be accused of 'unearned income'. Now anyone can open a business, be smart, enterprising, calculate the prospects and develop. If you get rich, no one will say a word to you.
Freedom to move around the world. In the USSR, the maximum that people could expect is domestic resorts and travel to the Union. Now people can relax anywhere — and in a cultural European country, and in tropical Paradise Islands. You can also work abroad. In addition, the free change of citizenship and moving to another country for permanent residence — not a problem.
Abundance of goods. Now you can buy anything, the choice of goods is huge, the range of services is incredibly large. The concept of 'commodity deficit' ceased to exist with the collapse of the USSR, as the commodity deficit was a constant attribute of Soviet life.
People have become realists. In the USSR people were inspired to believe in a bright future and people were confident in the future, but it was just a 'pink glasses' that put on people socialism. Now people live without pink glasses, more objectively look at things. Under the Soviet Union, people had blind faith, and now — practical sanity.
People are honest. Global pathological hypocrisy is the ideological backbone of the USSR. Whatever was happening in the country, people had to smile and say, 'we're fine!'. Under the USSR there were such social phenomena — poverty, beggars on the streets, prostitution, xenophobia, domestic violence in families — but all this was hypocritically denied and aloud said that it is only in decaying capitalism. Under the Soviet Union, people talked about the immense love for the CPSU, although secretly hated the party. After the collapse of the Soviet Union with people flew all the fake masks and people directly say what they think, and the negative phenomena in society openly recognized.
People have a private life. Under the Soviet Union, local party bodies interfered in the privacy of citizens worse than the modern 'yellow press'. Personal life of citizens was openly discussed, censured, accompanied by moralizing, public displays in the 'friendly courts'.
Career growth became possible regardless of belonging to the party. In the USSR, to move up the career ladder, being non-party, was almost hopeless. Now nobody cares about your party affiliation or non-party.
People have become focused on real benefits. In the USSR, people were taught to focus on the 'bright Communist never' and for this to tighten their belts and endure the hardships of life. Now people focus on practical benefits and strive to live like human beings not tomorrow, but today.

What brought people damn capitalism! When the Soviet Union people were buying salt, matches, soap, kerosene, and received bread coupons. That was life! And now in Russia buy computers, LCD TVs, food processors and juicers, upholstered furniture and fashionable Wallpaper. That's what this damned capitalism has brought our people to!

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