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Ender’s Games, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Dune, The Martian, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hunger Games are all examples of science fiction movies or books. Science fiction is a genre that is about science and technology. Some of the characteristics of sci-fi include being futuristic, non-human, time travel, science and technology, journeys and many more. Usually, science fiction stories are set in the future and the setting of sci-fi stories are in space, like other galaxies, planets, or any other dimension in the universe. Science fiction is used in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and in the movie Iron Man, and its impact on real-world applications and their influence. Science fiction’s impact and influence on real world applications is shown in the two examples.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is a fictional book that has a comic science fiction genre. It includes numerous amounts of scientific and technological gadgets and devices that were predicted back then, when the author wrote it, and exist now, but there are many more gadgets that could be invented in the near future. An example of the technology in the book that is available today is the babel fish. In chapter 6, the babel fish was first introduced, Ford Perfect gave Arthur a fish to place it in his ear, this babel fish translates languages directly as words are spoken, 'It's translating for you. It's a Babel fish. Look it up in the book if you like.'. In 2016, Google invented the earbud that translates 40 languages in real time, it is called the Google Pixel Buds. Another example of a device that was predicted by the author and is a reality is The Guide. It is a book that can read by itself and can be easily used because it has a touchscreen. Today there is the same concept, but in a different design. It is called the e-reader; it can read stories and news with a simple touch. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has a few different settings throughout the story. In the first chapter, the setting was on planet earth until it was destroyed, “and he had worked hard to blend himself into Earth society”, then they traveled in space and reached to a planet called Damogran “sped across the seas of Damogran”(chapter 4). Next they went to a different planet called Magrathea, which was typically for rich people 'Yes, I know there's a planet there. I'm not arguing with anyone, it's just that I wouldn't know Magrathea from any other lump of cold rock.” (chapter 16). However, the main setting is space. Science fiction is all about space and mysteries and inventions that doesn’t exist in the current time. Usually, science fiction books includes spaceships, aliens, planets that life exists on, time travel and many other things. Douglas Adams included all of these characteristics in his work, which technically makes the genre of the book science fiction.

Iron Man is a widely known film created by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Technology and science is the main purpose of the movie; the character iron man was captured and his only way to escape was using technology. He created a suit that he can use to fly around the world with and save people from evil villains. Throughout marvel movies Iron man’s suit was not changed and remained the same except for some little upgrades that made the suit better and more comfortable. In the future, suits like this might be created and people would be able to fly. Iron man’s suit is made up of nickel-titanium alloy known as nitinol. It is a lightweight suit but impressively strong, and it can also reform after receiving damage. Some of the suits’ features include the capability of flying and hovering, a smart missile that targets weak points of objects and an energy shield to protect him from dangerous attacks. The suit does exist, but the main features and capabilities still are not ready for the suit, many believe that it is plausible some time in the future because the human mind has no limit for ideas and anything could be made with the right resources.

Technologies that are found in the present are often predicted in science fiction book and movies that were written way before the invention is created. Credit cards were first written in a book called Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy, in January 1888. In the book, Credit cards were available when the year was 2000 and there was no real credit cards in 1888, which means that Edward predicted that in their future there will be credit cards instead of real cash money. This invention secured people’s money in a card without the risk of getting stolen. Credit cards are much safer than money in pockets because it has a numerical passcode that keeps your money safe. Another example of technology that was predicted in a movie or show is online ordering. Online ordering was first shown in the cartoon show The Jetsons; the show was known for its advanced technology even though it was in a time period where advanced technology was not invented. Currently Talabat, Carriage, and Mcdelivery are examples of what we have today to order food online. Before those apps existed, people would have to go walk or drive to the restaurant to order their food, but now ordering food is easier than ever, sitting at home and ordering food using the phone without going to the restaurant. Advantages of these apps are saving time, no misunderstanding and a simpler menu to manage. Finally, electric cars. These cars were found first in 1968, in a book called Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner, where electric cars actually existed, in the book not in real life. At the moment there are cars that drive using electricity and not fuel. This is a major contribution in saving the earth because burning fuel exhibits gases that destroy the ozone layer that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays. Electric cars today exist and are spreading constantly in the world.

In conclusion, science fiction is a fictional genre used by many authors in their books. Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. included aliens, time travel and other characteristics of science fiction Iron man uses his suit with enhanced abilities to help people and escape his capture. Electric cars, credit cards and online ordering apps were all predicted in books and shows before they were invented and that exhibits the significance and impact that science fiction has on the world.

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