The Perfect Agenda for Single People on the Valentine's Day

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All lonely women: He returned. Good V word. When a terrible day draws near, we are all surrounded by Valentine's Day attributes. The sweet Hallmark cards make us laugh; The heart shaped chocolate box gives us evil and constantly reminds us that we must be the only people in the university. So, before you write 'post' to the mobile Facebook status that you created, try some of these less traditional ideas to celebrate St. John's Day. Patrick.

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Buy without a cave and a box of chocolate shaped hearts: no, no. Playback. This is only for couples. There are many alternatives to lifting large and better ones. Take, for example, fried strawberries from inside. Cut the tip of the straw and discard the core. Prepare them in a box so they don't fall. Melt 1 cup of chocolate with half a cup of cream and one tablespoon of butter. Pour the contents of the strawberry after a few minutes until it cools and let it cool. The simplest version of this breakfast is taking raspberries and placing chocolate chips in the middle. However, this snack is based every day on sweets in the ritual relief corridor.

Don't see rome coms: The bottom part of this agenda might seem harmless, but don't be fooled. If we've ever seen a romantic comedy, we've all seen it. I mean, what's more sad than seeing Ryan Gosling fall in love with Emma Stone? And without seeing Valentine's Day! But I will never rob a woman from a movie with a truly perfect man. But why not see 'Number Murder' or 'Remember the Titans'? These feature films play a major role in Gosling, and although there may be some romance, this is not enough to pressure you. You can watch Ryan Gosling without him remembering that he is in love with someone who is not you. Win.

Spend the night: Sad to say, madam, that might mean moving away from the bar. Valentine's Day falls on Thursdays and maybe for couples to go out and celebrate their eternal love at night. And what does a better engagement mean than breaking into the Scorps Cellar? Instead of drinking dollar drinks to eliminate the feeling of dying, you will exchange Gin Tonic with sangria for single women. Cut with your favorite Moscato (Barefoot is my personal favorite) 1 lime, 1 orange, 1/2 green apple, ½ peach liquor and 2 cups, which is the ideal drink for Valentine's Day. It won't destroy your bank or your heart. We hope that all women will find comfort in these tips. Treat yourself to delicious drinks, snacks and movies. Remember all the calories in the bucket and the fact that Libby is crowded. You have a meeting with you. If we have to live together, we do it with alcohol, chocolate, and Ryan Gosling.

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