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Prominent Trickster Tales In British Literature

A trickster is a recurrent figure in world folklore and literature. It is a cunning, deceitful, and mischievous character that upsets established hierarchies, conventions, and rules by playing tricks. Tricksters could be human, divine, or anthropomorphized characters possessing supernatural powers. Native American, African-American, and European...

Influence Of The Most Deadly Plagues On Literature

There have been multiple plagues in history that have had an enormous impact on everything, especially literature. The plagues influenced what authors wrote about and why they wrote what they did. Everyone was affected by the plague in some way or another. The plagues have...

Love and Sin as a Prominent Themes in Literature

For centuries romantic love has influenced writers and has been the topic of plays, songs, films and any other creative or artistic activities that you might think of. Many people would like to ask why? Because, when anyone who's been in love understands, love is...

Analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer's Social Commentary in The Pardoner’s Tale

Written between the years 1387 and 1400, “The Canterbury Tales,” is a collection of stories written by the great Geoffrey Chaucer. Told by characters who are on a pilgrimage to none other than Canterbury itself, each person gets their own story to tell to help...

Impact Of Insatiability In Life In Geoffrey Chaucer'S "The Pardoner'S Tale"

'The Pardoner's Story, ' composed by Geoffrey Chaucer, shows a few characteristics of life, as we probably am aware it today. In this story, Chaucer expounds on a man who addresses his group of onlookers for cash. This man starts talking against all that share...

Analysis of the Pardoner's Passage from the Novel The Pardoner'S Tale

To start off with, the tone of the passage can be best described as humorous; the “Pardoner” is making a joke out of his profession and the people who believe his words. He tells the story of how he goes about his work in an...

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