The Overview of the Plot and Narrative in A Wrinkle in Time

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Meg is a 13 year old girl who is really good at math but is really different than everyone else. She lives with a family that has 2 twins, both boys, and a brother named Charles Wallace that is only 4 or 5 but really smart for his age, and 2 parents. Her dad went on a trip and has not been back in 2 years. They 4 kids live in a house in the middle of the country with no civilization around them for a few miles. One night, during a giant monstrous storm, while Meg and Charles Wallace are up getting a midnight snack, there is a knock on the door. Their mom wakes up and wants to see who is at the door. They open the door and find an old lady who is named Mrs. Whatsit who want in and wants something to eat because she claims that she is lost. Charles recognizes her right away and helps her. Mrs. Whatsit starts to talk and then says something about a tesser. Meg’s mom looked scared when she said tesser and told Mrs. Whatsit that she had to leave. The next day, Meg thought what happened was a dream and wakes up and sees that Charles Wallace is talking about what happened to the twins. Meg asks her mom why she was scared of a tesser. She tells Meg that she’ll explain it later. So now Meg and Charles go outside to get some work done, and their dog just bolts out the door and runs towards the woods. They run after him and catch him after a few minutes of running.

When they look up, they see a old house and a boy is right next to them, staring at the house also. He says his name is Calvin and when he was asked why he came here, he just said he got this feeling that he should come here. Charles Wallace says this is the house of Mrs. Whatsit, and that he made friends with her before she came into their house last night. The 3 decided to go into the house and see if Mrs. Whatsit was there but they found someone called Mrs. Who, who only speaks quotes because it is hard to pronounce things. She tells them to come to the edge of the woods right after dinner and they so so, and Charles, Meg, and Calvin find Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and another old women named Mrs. Witch. Meg, Calvin, and Charles suddenly just fall into a complete blackness and Meg cant even feel her limbs. Soon enough, they all fall out into a grass covered field and Mrs. Witch, Whatsit, and Who are sitting in front of them. Mrs. Whatsit starts to Move around and change form and then a few seconds later she is a centaur. Meg Charles Wallace and Calvin are all amazed and Mrs. Whatsit says, ”climb on my back” and they do so. Mrs. Whatsit flies up in the air and tells the trio about what is happening to their dad. She asks, “See that black thing up there?” “Yes, it’s making me cold,” replies Meg. Mrs. Whatsit explains that that thing is holding Meg and Charles Wallace’s dad. “Then why is Calvin here” askes Charles. Mrs. Whatsit says that he can communicate really well and he will help you defeat the black thing.Mrs. Who, Witch, and Whatsit with Meg, Charles, and Calvin, travel to this person named the happy medium, who can basically see anything she wants in the universe.

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The medium shows them the Earth, which is surrounded in a black fog. The medium says that the black thing is covering the Earth and that it has been like that for a long time. Mrs. Whatsit tells them to get to their task of freeing Meg and Charles’s dad. Once again, it feels like Meg is in empty nothingness and she cant feel herself at all. They appear at the top of a hill and Meg falls down. “Mrs. Witch, that was a little too much” Charles Wallace says. “What?” askes Meg. “You were tessered, teleported, but we went a little too far” Charles explains. Mrs. Witch, Whatsit, and Who give them instructions on how to get their father back. “You will find help in that town” they explain. Then, Mrs. Who gives Meg her glasses. Mrs. Who explains that to only put them on it times of emergency and she will now when the time is right. Then, the 3 old women disappear. Calvin, Charles and Meg, travel down the hill, and into a town, but something is off. All the kids are bouncing balls, but the ball is hitting the ground and going up and the same exact time. The houses are the exact same, and a woman, most likely their mom, at every house tells their child to come in, at the exact same time. This really confuses Meg, Charles and Calvin so they knock on a door and a woman answers it and they ask where they are. The woman seems scared and slams the door shut. This confuses them, and they start to walk around until they find a big building called Central Central Intelligence. They walk in and they ask a man where they are and he says to come with him. He walks to a wall and it opens, and he says to walk to the end. They do so and a few minutes later, they find a man with red eyes sitting at a desk surrounded by men in black suits. He welcomes them in and they have a conversation about why they are here and how to free their father.

The man says, “All your question will be answered if you stare deep into my eyes”. Charles does so and his eyes go blank and he starts to walk to the man. Meg tackles him and Charles returns to normal. Meg calls the man a monster and the man says for them to eat. A table appears with food on it, but to Meg and Calvin, it tastes like sand. But for Charles Wallace, it tastes normal. Charles tells Meg and Calvin to let the man do his thing with the hypnotising so he can find answers. The Man starts to hypnotise Charles again and then, Charles speaks in a voice that is different than his own. He says that they need to go to IT. The way he said it made Meg shudder. Charles led them outside and then Meg and Calvin ran away and then found this area, closed in, but like a cage, but there was no front. Her dad was inside of it! Meg rushed over and called his name but he couldn’t hear her. Meg tried to get in but she couldn’t. Meg put on the glasses and spepped through and she helped her dad escape it. Right when her dad was out, Charles found them and said that IT wasn’t pleased at all. He said to follow him and her dad said to do what he said. They arrived at a building and went inside, and inside, their was a giant brain inside, pulsing. It was telling Meg to relax and let it take her. She was fighting it and same with Calvin and her dad were too. When Meg was about to give in, she fell into an empty blackness and then, Meg felt really cold and then she appeared in a dark, grey land.

She couldn’t move any body part or speak and her dad and Calvin were trying to make her move, and then 3 figures appeared and they started to walk towards them. They said that if she was going to survive, they had to go with them. Meg was taken care of and given treatment and then, she could move and speak again. She found out that she went through the black thing and that is why she was the way she was. The alien that helped her, brought her out and had her eat with Calvin and her dad, and then, Mrs Whatsit, Who and Witch appeared. They told Meg that she had to go back and save Charles and then Calvin remembered that they said that he had communication abilities. So they traveled back to where IT was and they avoided the black thing and then, Calvin used his powers to try and communicate with Charles and get him back, and it worked! Their dad transported them back to Meg and Charles’s house. Their mom came out as if time never changed and told them it was time for bed. Calvin was heading home and then, Wrs. Who, Witch and Whatsit appeared and said that forgot something. When they were about to explain it, they just disappeared.

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