The Objects That I Would Place Together In A Museum

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A museum curator has certain duties within the museum such as locating objects, creating exhibits, inventory management, collection of artifacts and grant writing. Museum decision based on the object displayed is determined by the focus study of the privileged objects over others. The decision is entirely based on the financial worth, curatorial assessment, and how appealing the object is. It depends on the object’s value in communicating specified information. Another responsibility lies with the forgotten majority of objects that need to be stored in the museum. As a museum curator one must also constantly learn new modern conservation ideas and techniques. The process involves significant attention to detail and a genuine interest in what each artifact has to tell. Museums don’t just store knowledge, they shape it in order to help create an impact on all those who visit them.

Izzyana Suhaimi “The looms in our bones” and President Obama painting

The objects that I would place together include Izzyana Suhaimi “The looms in our bones” and president Obama painting, A piece of Sedona and The Persian Daric Coin. The reason for placing the Obama painting and Izzyana Suhaimi “The looms in our bones” is due to the contracting differences and similarity of the two set of paintings. The similarity of the two paintings involves their form as both artworks are portraits. They also include florwers. I have also chosen to combine the two because I believe Izzyana the artist and president Obama are both living legends. Izzyana’s artwork explores a medium that is deep-rooted in history both, globally and individually. As to the differences between the two portraits, Izzyana is a fiber artist who uses weaving in her artwork where the flowers in the portrait are fabrics contrasting from the entire artwork which uses pencil structure. President Obama’s portrait is entirely a painting, and in fact very different from Izzyana’s artwork.

However, the core reason for combining these pieces of art together is due to their contrasting and yet similar perception towards the viewer. President Obama’s portrait has a significant impact on the history of America since he is the first African American president. While Izzyana explores art thru the use of interdisciplinary techniques that express their own perspectives by combining both the use of pencil art and fabrics. The historical significance of her painting to the viewers promotes the “Izzyana artwork” as a modern form of art that includes fabrics when expressing and creating a whole new art concept.

Persian Daric Coin and A piece of Sedona

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The Persian stone is a relic and it possessed great historical significance in the ancient civilization of the Persian Empire. The coin is historical because of its pure gold quality, the coin has an image of the Persian king kneeling and holding a bow in his right hand. The coin is also symbolic to the rule of the Persian Empire that later on ended up adapting silver and copper coins after the fall of the Persian kingdom.

A piece of Sedona stone has historical significance as it is found in Arizona, United States. It is located in the mountains where it served as an ancient building stone for the early civilizations. The Arizona settlement was a home of the Red Indian who used different Sedona stones to construct precious architectural designs. Some Sedona stones are believed to possess healing powers. The reason for combining the two objects is due to the historical information they each provide about the origins and/or the relics. They have a close correlation with respect to the information retrieved from the geographical location of the objects. I believe the objects also serve of great significance for the future generations as they enable us to understand and learn for the past.

Collectively, each item tells a story that directly correlates to pursuing a liberal education. I believe the objects I have chosen represent both the past and the future. They each provide knowledge about different subjects to the public and they each have their own way of captivating the public eye. It all comes together and all the objects teach us a new lesson about the world and they each help form a bigger picture which directly correlates to liberal studies.

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