The Meaning of Real Business Entrepreneur Success

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An entrepreneur's drug is success, he is addicted to success and in the end the entrepreneur knows a simple fact that I will make it not immediately but definitely. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be fussy, you have to think outside the box.  An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or organization by taking financial risks. With financial risk there is a chance to earn financial rewards in terms of profit. Apart from financial gain, entrepreneurs are also motivated by factors like innovation, disruption, impact making etc. 

Successful entrepreneurs believe that I never lose, win or learn. I will succeed immediately and certainly and not immediately. I will take action when others hesitate, I will think big when others do not, I will sacrifice when others do not win, I will dare to dream of greatness when others are afraid of it, I will pursue my competition day and night. . I am the master of my faith, the master of my soul, and the master of my dreams, the king of my goals!

What is important for the success of small business owners and entrepreneurs? Knowledge, skills and talent. However, many competitors have the same characteristics as you. The key to defeating the competition and achieving success is mental, which is reflected by the person's attitude, is completely controlled by the individual and does not require cash. This is true in most human endeavors other than business - in sports, arts and politics. How many times have we seen an underdog team or player win over a more talented opponent? The difference is often attitude.

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Steve Jobs, you either love him or hate him but there is one thing that is certain; You will definitely know who is who. One thing you may not know about her is that she is indeed adopted, but that has not stopped her from becoming one of the most successful people in the world and why it should be so. Jobs graduated from high school in 1972, one of Steve Jobs, his first job was actually as a technician at the computer company Atari. Which was probably a major turning point for Steve at the time. 

Worked with Atari for the first time in jobs that same year in 1974, Job went into business with his old friend Steve Wozniak. Jobs managed to convince Steve Wozniak that it would be good to start assembling computers and selling them at a profit. This seemed a fairly decent idea as they soon began to profit from those computers, and on April 1, 1976, the Apple Computer Company was founded as a partnership of co-founders with Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

The Apple Computer Company was founded by Apple becoming a publicly traded corporation, and in 1983 managed to lure John Scully away from the job Pepsi-Cola company. Jobs moved to Leap and Seema, and on January 26, 1984, Jobs introduced the first Apple Macintosh. Although it was not at all pleasant; In May 1985, following an internal power struggle between the board of directors; Jobs lost control of the Apple computer company and was forced out; However they still hold shares in the business. 

He then built another company, NeXT Computer, which was surprisingly good that in 1986 he bought 'The Graphics Group', which was later renamed $ 10 million Pixar Animation. after some time; In 1996, Apple Computer Company decided to buy the NeXT company for about $ 429 million, bringing Steve's job back as Apple's interim CEO to the company. In 2000, Apple publicly announced that Steve Jobs was to become the company's permanent CEO. In 2007 Apple changed its name to Apple Inc. done. Jobs announced in January 2006 that Disney had bought Pixar in all stock transactions, valued at about $ 7.4 billion, as you can see that Steve Jobs did very well for himself.

I felt obliged to add Thomas Edison to this list because of his motivation and perseverance that makes him a true entrepreneur even after thousands of failures. Now although Thomas had no terrible upbringing in terms of money, he was a very poor child. Being ill in his early life, he suffered from a severe ear infection which made him deaf in one of his ears, although it is stated that he was deaf in both. He also developed scarlet fever as a boy dying of it, but it did not stop him. After becoming a minor celebrity to save a trainer from colliding, Thomas was offered a job as a telegraph operator.

Thomas created thousands of inventions and patents, which failed much more often than they succeeded. Although his first taste of glory came when he developed the tin foil phonograph, after working as a telegraph operator he wanted to work on a more efficient way of making telegraph transmitters. He realized that it was very similar to the words spoken when the tape was played at a fast pace from the machine. Furthering his idea, he worked to create a record through this message, making his first successful invention and paving the way for many. Thomas Edison was a very patient and passionate man, inspired by the success he attempted thousands of times before failing to get some of his inventions to work. Some of his inventions that we still make today, and most of them are historical to change the world.

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