The Mark of Abigail Adams' Voice on the Current Society

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“Justice, humanity, and benevolence are the duties you owe to society,” Abigail Adams would say. Indeed, she was a woman who fulfilled these tasks gracefully and took them on without hesitation. “Mrs. President” they would call her; Abigail Adams is someone who spoke her mind and gave opinions and advice. Not only is Abigail a role model who encouraged other women like her to find and use their voice, but she gave the basic foundation of future freedoms with her brave words and actions. Her life laid the foundation for men and women alike to dream and build a better tomorrow.

Abigail Adams was born November 22, 1744, in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Her father, William Smith, and mother, Elizabeth Quincy, were few of the major people who impacted her life into the woman she became. Her parents were the outcome of her moral character and high educational standing. Abigail’s father would tell her to “never speak ill of anybody.” By him, she learned “to say all the handsome things she could of persons and to make things rather than persons the subjects of conversation.” Educated at home, Abigail took interest in philosophy, theology, Shakespeare, the classics, ancient history, government, and law. “She studied Shakespeare and the Bible, she memorized poetry by John Milton and Alexander Pope, and she read novels by Laurence Sterne and Jonathan Swift.” Through her tutors and parents, Abigail evolved into a knowledgeable young lady. One of her tutors, Richard Cranch, brought along John Adams, the man that would later be her husband. At first, she was not very fond of John. Over time, however, Abigail came to realize they had a lot in common and found many likeable characteristics in John, such as his aspiration. The time spent getting to know each other changed both of their heart’s posture, as they started to develop authentic feelings.

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Abigail and John got married October 25, 1764. From there, they moved into a cottage beside the one John was raised in. Nine months after marriage, Abigail became pregnant with their first child, Abigail, also known as “Nabby.” Abigail would go on to have three more children, only two that would live to become adults; John Quincy and Charles. Eventually, this couple would move to Boston and rent a series of homes; all of which corresponded with John’s job placement. Abigail’s major job during this time was being a mother to her children. While John would be away for work or other matters, Abigail would help with the management of household finances and take charge of farming their property. With John being away, the husband and wife would start a lifelong relation through their letters, “…beginning what would become a voluminous and historic correspondence.” The letters go on to reflect Abigail’s advice and feedback to news from New England, starting her revolutionary mark and eventually, her first lady impact.

With Abigail’s “unique experience and perspective on American life and democracy,” she maintained and voiced strong opinions about political issues and debates. Through her letters, Abigail would constantly ask John to “remember the ladies,” which led to the call for women’s equal rights. Abigail believed that everyone should be educated no matter what sex or color they were. She strongly believed in independence, speaking out against slavery and not owning any slaves. Abigail had a force for justice and willingness to speak her mind. When John got elected as President, she started to hold a quasi-official government position. She made a strong impression on the press and public as she spoke what was on her mind. Abigail saw her role “largely as a hostess for the public and partisan symbol of the Federalist Party.” Abigail did, in fact, live up to this job in many impactful ways through her point of view of situations.

Abigail’s mark on the world led the way for men and women to dream and build a better tomorrow. Ahead of her time, Abigail was an excellent businesswoman and world leader. She paved the way to an independent country who spoke their minds. Abigail encouraged others to always stay true to themselves, no matter the circumstances. Like she said, we owe the world justice, humanity, and benevolence.

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