The Main Keys Of Masculinity In “Into The Wild” By John Krakauer

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The book “Into The Wild” written by John Krakauer is about a young boy named Christopher Johnson McCandless who left every single thing behind including his parents. He burnt all his cash and start going to live in the wilderness. He is stubborn by nature and refuse to follow the rules of the government. He changed his real name to Alexander Supertramp, now he would not call himself by Chris McCandless. Moreover, he insist to discover a future for himself by putting own efforts without accepting help from others. McCandless reckoned his road trip from West Virginia and have a desire to visit Alaska. He originates his trip by carrying a backpack and a rifle along with him. Chris commences a joyful trip without looking backward to plan a desirable carrier for him. He encounters with risks and adventures in the wild, but he terminates his trip with a tragic death. Chris storyline become a controversial topic, whether he did correct or incorrect by left his family alone. However, he was a non-fictitious man that constructs their own pathways for success. He provides an example of true manhood who is strong, willful, independent and non-judgmental about the women.

The initial aspect of realest manhood is the strength. Alex is mentally and emotionally strong human being who has a courage and spirit to create new ideas that was distinct from the world. Alex forms his own directions and source to live in the natural environment. In his letter to Ron Franz, Alex argues that, “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure” (Krakauer 57). He thinks that the rage of taking risks and experience is the basis of a male’s vital soul. According to Alex, life is all about ventures and to follow the obsession. He demanded to go out and see the different views or scenes of the beautiful nature by walk.

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The strong will is the second key of masculinity. Alex was unshakeable person who took stand for his dreams and has stubbornness to complete it. Westerberg says that, “Once Alex made his mind about something, there was no changing it”. Here Westerberg explains the behavior of his friend Alex that he is the toughest guy who never shifts his plans about the future and keeps on his words. Alex was a willful guy who wants to move around every time and to watch the purity of nature by spending some time alone in it. He complete his wishes by own and he spent few months in the wild without any interference of his family.

Independent is also an important part of manhood. The true man should not be dependent on anyone. Ales were a young and independent man who abandoned his everything which includes his car and parents. He burnt all the cash he had from his family and gave his own savings to charity. Jon Karkauer reveals that, “Alexander buried his backpack in the desert on 2/27 and entered Las Vegas with no money no ID”. Here, Krakauer shows that Alex wants to be own, he abandoned his all belongings and enter a new city where he opens his days lie beggars and homeless. However, Alex belongs to well-healthy family but still he use to sleep on streets. Even then, he did not call his family to help and neither has he wanted to go back. He continues his journey by his own without any help from outsider. He even took his family name and gives himself a new name. He does not want to become burden of anyone, which was the reason he make his own journey.

In last, a real man should not be judge mental about somebody. A man should believe in gender equality. It is very important for a man to respect women. Alex was a gentleman. Westerberg says that, “He wasn’t the kind of guy who would go out and pick up girls just to get laid. He didn’t take relationships lightly”. Here, he explains that Alex is a guy who respects the women. He never plays with their emotions and takes them very seriously. He had no girlfriend but he did have soft corner for girls. In his life, he is kind of hate his mother when he says, “I’m going to divorce them as my parents once and for all and never speak to either of those idiots again as long I live”. However, he told Borah about is sister that, “He said they were pretty close”.

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