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Symbolism in The Nightingale by Marie De France

The Nightingale written by Marie De France is a classic work of literature that is still being read by students today that leaves a lasting impression on the readers. Marie De France created a complex but sophisticated love triangle that is dynamic when examining love,...

The Lais of Marie de France: The Pure Forbidden Love

Throughout this course, we have looked at various authors, not just to look at what they write about but also their motives behind each piece of writing. Marie de France in Chevrefoil (The Honeysuckle) presents the love story of Tristan and Iseult which was the...

Marie's Views on Love in The Lais of Marie de France

In the compiled work The Lais of Marie de France, Marie’s view on love is one contaminated with a pessimistic tone and the idea that love is inevitably bound to fail. Within the stories; Equitan, Bisclavret, Le Fresne and Guigemar, it is clear that the...

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