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A Reflection on the Article "Don't Blame The Eater"

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Poor eating habits include buying or consuming unhealthy food, not having enough food needed each day. These types of food are highly concentrated in fiber, fat, salt, or sugar. Research has shown consuming fast food every day can lead to health problems. Some people blame...

Sharing The Blame In Don't Blame The Eater

A major concern in Americas health today is obesity which is one of the leading causes to other health issues. There are many questions to ask as to why obesity is so common now and why it is so difficult for Americans to lose the...

The Personal Responsibility Of Eating Right In Don't Blame The Eater

“Whatever happened to personal responsibility?” America is facing a growing fast food problem, citizens are becoming obese at alarming rates, but whose to blame? The obvious argument is to throw the blame on the eater, after all, if they didn’t choose to eat fast food,...

Don't Blame The Eater: Wrong Nutrition Diet Of Americans

If you have ever eaten a burger from McDonald's or Burger King, question: should there be a warning label on the bag? Really, a label expressing the negative impacts of eating one of their burgers. There are a lot of implicated perils that originate from...

Rhetorical Analysis Of "Don't Blame The Eater" By David Zinczenko

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David Zinczenko, an editor for the New York Times and Men’s Health Magazine, in his article, “Don’t Blame the Eater,” argues that fast food restaurants are reliable for feeding children dangerous foods and the effects it has on them. In his article, Zinczenko employs many...

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