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Black Men In American Society

For most people when they see a black man the first thing that pops into their mind is a negative stereotype. People are most likely to associate black men with things like violence, poverty, and being uneducated. Stereotyping is a way of placing general characteristics...

Social Inequality In Modern World: Black Lives Matter

Racism was a serious problem back in 1861 when the Civil War started and one of the main reasons was slavery. That a group of persons is judged just because of their skin color they don’t have the right to freedom because they are not...

Relationship Between Police And Black People 

The relationship between the police force and the Black community has been strained for quite some time. There are many ways the view of the police has been shaped in the minds of Black people, especially those in low socioeconomic neighborhoods who hold the general...

Rhetorical Analysis of Brent Staples' Article "Just Walk on By"

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Brent Staples is an African American man born in 1951 who received his first Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences at Widener University at 22 years old. Staples continued on to graduate with a Master's degree in psychology at the University of Chicago and subsequently he...

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