The Magnificent Universe: The Beauty of an Eclipse I Witnessed

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Everything began when i have lost the bet with jack. I thought it was my last day in the city. And had to pack my bags. Until i remembered that he has a favor to fulfil. So i called jack to remind him. I was in need of a new Visa and my travel documents were not valid because, I'm not form the States. I am from Japan. Me and jack the decided to get a coffee tomorrow morning and get it done Monday morning came along. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. I was getting ready to meet up Jack until i heard a scream. It sounded like it came from outside so i decided to take a look. The screams were terrifying to hear. Well, all of a sudden i saw a man standing in front of me with a knife. He had just killed a person. When i realized it wasn't a dream and i had to run for my life. So i ran as far as i could. I turned my back and realized the man was chasing me. I decided to hide. But the there was no place to hide and the man was catching up. I had to hurry or i will be his next victim. 'there' i said to myself.

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There was a place to hide. It was an old abandoned storage unit. So i went in there. The man couldn't find me and decided to go. I stayed in that unit of like a hour. And was looking around until i that I was in an abandoned museum. These must cost a lot of money. So i decided to call Jack. He wasn't picking up. So i texted him. 'hey it's me Misa, I wanted to tell you that I found an abandoned museum about space. Jack then called saying he would be there and i should be staying in there to inspect. I was very interested in space I always wondered how everything happened, the genesis, the galaxy, etc. Then I saw Jack arrive after an hour, he was staring at the environment because it was very beautiful, we learned a lot by looking around and They have left the museum very neat but there was a lot of dust. When we went to leave the building I saw a large folder with 'solar eclipse 2017.' I wanted to see the solar eclipse all my life. I read the folder to see when the solar eclipse took place.

The solar eclipse took place on August 21, 2017. 'That's about 2 days', I said to Jack. We went outside on the way home. I was still afraid of the man with his knife behind me, I looked around me every minute, when we got home I knew we were safe. I was so nervous to see the solar eclipse. It was time to go to sleep but I could not sleep because I was nervous. I dreamed what the solar eclipse would look like and I fell asleep. The next day I had read on the internet that you could not look at an solar eclipse with your naked eye because you could become blind to this. I and Jack went to buy a special pair of glasses called eclipse glasses. It only costs $ 5. The news broadcasts also talked about the solar eclipse, almost everyone went to watch the solar eclipse. Then it was so far, it was time. everyone had glasses on, it got darker and darker. It was so beautiful, they had no words for it. An unforgettable moment.

Jack wanted me to stay with him in the States. I was very happy when he said this to me. I stayed with him in the States. Later we fell in love and we got married. We currently have 3 children named Jonathan, Steven and Lucas. We were a big family and very happy. I hope they also experience the next eclipse.
I find the universe very interesting. I once saw a lunar eclipse 3 years ago. It was very beautiful. I chose this topic because I am interested in the universe.

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