The Issue Of Child Labor Adressed By None

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Child labor is an issue known by all addressed by some. We daily see the future of our country being burned in brick kilns, knitted in football factories, and wasted on streets while picking garbage and begging yet what do we do in return apart from blaming the government. We ourselves can bring change and I’ll be jotting down some of the ways, further in this essay.

The intensity of this problem can be told to UN officials so that they put pressure on Pakistani government to not give jobs to these poor souls. This might lead them to begging and starving because the main problem is still there, poverty and it will go on for generations.

So where do these poor souls belong, we all know, schools. But we also know that they cannotafford it. The time they would spend in school can be used to earn money, which their parents urge them to do in the first place. So for making education possible for these kiddos we need to give them money for studying as an incentive to them and their parents and we also have to provide money for the expense of school etc. That would require a huge amount but that’s where my next suggestion jumps in.

NGOs could be set up on very small scale and would have these special schools providing free education, close to the slum areas so they don’t have transport issue. The building could initially be someone’s house. Teachers of these institutes could be students belonging to middle-class families or anyone who is willing to volunteer, given the incentive of scholarships for their colleges and universities by the government. In this way energy could be channeled in the best possible way. These slums who will come regularly will also be paid on a daily basis. These prog4ams would initially require funding and sponsors but it will be worth it.

Garage schools could also be setup, where the teachers would be housewives, whose education is rotting. This education can be passed to our gems. This women could give them food or money given to her by the NGOs mentioned above and this woman will also be given a specific amount for making each student literate.

One of the fallbacks for such slums is that they are over-aged for nursery or initial years at normal schools also it is difficult for them to cope up with the curriculum made for regular students who have been going to school since 3. Therefore, a different examination system is to be set up for them, teaching them English, Science, Math and their national language Urdu along with basic education of their religion, morals and ethics.

Counselling of these students and their parents will also play a vital role in promoting education. Educating them about the pros of eradicating illiteracy and giving them a way out of this poverty.

Only the mutual cooperation of government officials and locals could help bring about this change, and it is not only for them. ItIs for us, for our countries bright future.  

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