The Importance of Media Literacy: My Perspective

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  2. Reflective essay about Media Literacy
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Living in Generation Z and in a world full of advanced and modern technology is indeed easy. Those machineries and gadgets that are products of critical thinking skills of different inventors and scientists make our lives comfortable. Truly, our world evolves as time passes by so as technology including media. However, each and one of us should have knowledge on how to access and interpret these things, especially the media. And that characteristic is what we called MEDIA LITERACY. Therefore, in this essay I will discuss the importance of media literacy.

Reflective essay about Media Literacy

On its own definition, media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. A person is not a media literate with just knowledge regarding about different forms of media thus, he/she should also enhance and practice on using and accessing the functions of a certain form of media.

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It can be wrapped up that being a media literate has many importances not only in one's life but also in the whole world. First, media literacy helps us to be aware on the different issues here in our country and also in the world such as social issues. News about a certain issue is being spread out through media, whether it is written on newspapers and magazines, aired on televisions and radios, or posted on social media. We will be able to participate on these issues and we're given a chance to contribute on the resolution of a certain issue as a citizen of our country.

Next, media literacy is a way for information dessimination. Of course, if you are a media literate then you will be able to grasp informations about anything. Having not enough knowledge about media is hard because nowadays, everything is mostly at media and also not all informations particularly in social media are true so we have to be very careful on checking out informations, data, and news and assure its authenticity and credibility. Also, if we acquire informations then we will gain more knowledge about everything. Those informations can be used in studying. We will become more competitive and productive individuals with critical thinking skills and advanced mind especially that we are living in 21st century. Third, media literacy helps in our country's economy. There are jobs that deals about using media and gadgets like journalists, call center agents, ITs, and many more. These jobs will not emerge without literacy on media. In addition to that, these jobs are a big contribution on increasing our country's economy and rapidly proliferate our development particularly that we are in a third world country.

Additionally, media literacy is a way for communication. As we all know, communication refers to a continuous process wherein people are interacting and socializing, delivering their messages either verbally or non-verbally. Now, where does media step in in communication? We live in a world full of technology so it only means that there are gadgets that are specialized for communication processes. We will be able to communicate with other people who are far away from us through gadgets and we can access those gadgets if we are media literate. This importance of media literacy is very essential to people who are miles and oceans away from each other like Overseas Filipino Workers and their loved ones.

Finally, media literacy promotes democracy and the freedom of expression. Let me set an example, Facebook is an app made for people to express their thoughts freely. People in Fb are free to post what they want without harming anybody because they have their own accounts. Now, these proves that media literacy helps in expounding freedom of expression. Democracy takes part because people like journalists use media to convey news, knowledge, and awareness that is based on facts and their ideas without any barriers and hindrances. We can use media for democracy and to express our own thoughts and opinions without stepping on other people's personality.

Final Words

Justice, humaneness, sovereignty, wisdom, morality, and interaction- these are the words that can sum up the importance of media literacy. But only make sure that you have stewardship on the actions that you make on media so that nobody will be violated. Also, we have to be media literate because it helps us in many ways and we should use it in our best advantages. Media literacy can be the bridge to success. Now, I am already near from being a media literate. How about you?

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