Effective Presentation Skills and Information Literacy

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Choosing the information literacy course was one of the most important decisions that I made in my life because information literacy is a very important and interesting course for so many reasons. In the first course didn't know many things about information literacy but the fact that it can help me in information search and documenting I learned effective presentation skills from the information literacy that helped me slot in processing information and analyzing them and using the new information in order to produce new ideas.

I learned Information literacy meaning in this course which means that information literacy is a skills that has the ability to know when and how to use information for a certain issue or problem at hand it also means to possess a certain abilities to that helps in recognizing when is information is needed or incorporate skepticism judgment or free-thinking questioning and understanding.

In this course learned a very important skill is how to write an effective research question from the information literacy that started to study and It gave me the proper ways to write a very effective essay question and making an essay as a holl by separating the essay into many paragraphs and each one of this paragraphs talks about a part of the topic in analytic way.

There is a new skill that I learned the difference between the research question and the project title the research question is a not direct way to write a paragraph or an essay about a certain topic in the form of answering a certain question that has many sides and branches when the research topic is a direct way to write an essay or a paragraph that revolves around the wanted topic in any way that is guided about.

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In my entire life when i always looked for a certain type of information I always looked in the internet directly like there is no other source of information that I can get information from but when I started to study information literacy I learned about the library which I knew my entire life but I never thought about visiting t so I never knew how to extract information from books while extracting information from the internet is not always accurate because sometimes many of the information showed in the internet are done by regular people who have a shallow level of knowledge and they share it with others without accurate source or references while searching legitimate information from books are much more reliable because it depends and based on information coming from specialist and facts that are supervised by specialized authorities that license books publishing .

In a different course learned how to not only depending a single source of information but also internet is not completely reliable so I can get information from the internet but I have to avoid certain types of sites like Wikipedia because its information is not always correct or accurate . In another different course of midterm week I learned how to document information in researches or in the paragraphs either from books or internet sites to document certain information.

In the other midterm course I learn a new technique that there are many sources of information to look for about the topic wanted like internet books statistics surveys or even witnesses magazines and also newspapers. In the spring break course I learned how to evaluate sources of information and how reliable it is by checking the references for example books are much more reliable than sites because it could be written by normal people not specialized or newspaper who are also some times follow a wanted agendas with less credibility .

In this course I learned the impotency to know how much reliable is the media as a source of information but that is very week because media could follow the agendas of a certain groups or targets who funds it and the credibility of media information and how reliable it is can be measured by checking the news is it bias and always target certain topic and goes against it weather it is right or wrong.

One of the most important skills that I learned in this course is how to validate the final research process and how to prepare a summary from a research or an essay an that’s by locating the most important information and facts and finding of the wanted topic and writing it separately on different space or paper in a shorter way to make sure that you mansion all the facts and important things in a shorter summarized method that gives all the benefit of the wanted paper.

I after learning how to summarize in the last course learned facts about how important it is to have credibility to give the right of mentioning the proper owner of the information and not relate it to yourself because the one who come up with the idea worked so hard to find it and prove it as a fact and mentioning to your self as bad as stealing .      

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